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Techno metalu czarnego rocka

  • Rock Me - The Doors
    "Want you to rock me Rock me all night long Rock me baby Rock me all night long Want you to rock me 'Till I sing my song See the sun goin' down Moon begin to rise See the sun goin' down Moon begin to rise Want"
  • Rock On - Q5
    "Lately I've been thinkin' about my life Tryin' to figure out what I could do I was born without a father, lived without my mother I had no desire for the silver spoon But like so many of the others Living"
  • Jailhouse Rock - Rod Stewart
    "(leiber, stoller) The warden threw a party in the county jail The prison band was there, and they began to wail The band began to-jumping, they began to swing You should have heard the knock down jailbird"
  • Rock Fever - Rainbow
    "Lookin' like little miss lonely Standin' in her ruby red shoes Tellin' me she loves me only Even if it ain't true... Ooh you...drippin' with desire Skin tight, dynamite Fever takes me higher Lemme see"
  • Rock Wit'cha - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface (1988) Performed by bobby brown Now that you are here with me Baby, let's do it right Lady, you know just what I need I want to hold you oh so tight Baby, just touch me"
  • Rock Bottom - Kiss
    "I can't wait a day I don't care what you say Oh yeah, you got to pay When you hit rock bottom And you're there to stay Sometimes late at night I want to hold you tight Oh no, you got to pay Girl, you"
  • Rock It - Gorillaz
    "I'm Walking To The Something Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Collapse I'm Drinking Too Much Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Fall Out I'm Feeling Really Bla Bla, I Want To Bla Bla Bla, Collapse"
  • Rock City - Royce Da 5'9
    ""Rock City, Royce, 5'9, Slim, Shady" *skirt* "COME ON!!" (Royce Da 5'9") Can't stop the hustle, Royce nickel nine Glock stops the tussle, nine shots'll bust you Pine box'll stuff you, f**k you! ("F**k"
  • Rock Out - Pantera
    "Gonna rock it in the evenin' Lovin' in the morning I'm gonna show that girl I can hear her callin' now What can I do? I need to get through to you I've fallen in too deep Good lovin' And I'm in love Good"
  • Rock forever - Judas Priest
    "When the day is over, I like to ease my mind By jucin' up my system, With the beat of a heavy kind I smack a bottle open, I crank the hi-fi high I'm in-a seventh heaven Ooh I can touch the sky I'm in love,"

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