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  • Wish You Were Here - CL
    "Lately i’ve been thinking about us Blowing smoke in the air Listening ot Stevie Not enough uppers Too many downers Got my mind taking dares And sleeping ain’t easy Cuz it’s been 6 months since I las"
  • Hear Me Out - Girls Aloud
    "I was drowning in the rain Getting lost beneath the downpour Trying to shield a dying flame, oh Nearly lost what I had come for But somewhere in my heart A little gold was working its way out And made"
  • Scars - Smith/Kotzen
    "Sometimes i feel like a helpless child Alone in the night Sometimes i feel so far from the light I am alone on And endless road Looking for a sign The crossroad Strerches out head But i don’t know which"
  • My funny Valentine - Sarah Vaughan
    "My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine. You make me smile in my heart. Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favorite work of art. Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a"
  • Spaceman - Nick Jonas
    "Houston think we got some problems Find somebody who can solve ‘em I feel like a spaceman I feel like a spaceman TV tells me what to thinlk Bad news maybe i should drink Cause i feel liek a spaceman I"
  • Do You Miss Me - Olivia Holt
    "I wana ask you if it’s easy Sleeping in the bed I wana ask you How you’re feeling Next to her instead I wanna know if you found clouser Somewhere deep inside your head I wanna ask you do you miss me Oh,"
  • Lonely - PRETTYMUCH
    "I can’t eat Can’t sleep Fuxk me I am super lonely If i had my way I’d make you stay Tattoo you on me I need you I need you Oh, I can’t eat Can’t sleep Fuxk me I am super lonely I am so lobely I need you"
  • Overdrive - Conan Gray
    "Only met on the weekend Said i am not catching feelings Oh i guess i lived Driving off the deep end I can’t think of a reason We shpould take our time All or nothing Let’s just trust the night* Burning"
  • Pył - Dubska
    "O 6 rano wyrywa mnie ze snu złowrogi warkocz piły kilka godziny zniknął cały park drzewa nie miały szans pamietasz zapach łąki pod rozłożystych klonem cień dla wszystkich marzycieli azylem był ten park łatwo"
  • Live Wire - Motley Crue
    "Plug me in I'm alive tonight Out on the streets again Turn me on I'm too hot to stop Something you'll never forget Take my fist Break down walls I'm on top tonight No, no You better turn me loose You"

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