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  • So right, so wrong - Linda Ronstadt
    "I was walking down the streetWith a lot of not much to doWondering only if it was gonna rainWhen this guy came into viewFor a moment I looked crazyAnd at first I couldn't work out whyThen something made"
  • So far, so pleased - No Doubt
    "I like the way u touch me, I like the way u tease no car, no keys I had 2 get us stranded if u know what I mean big scar on my knee beggin' 4 a kiss is such a dull routine still I'm so far, so pleased"
  • So Far, So Good - Don Williams
    "I think Im is a world of trouble, talk about a worried man. I've seen enough women falling out of love to know Ive got one on my hands. There must be something going on that I dont know about. I got a"
  • So Hot, So Cold - Ryan Adams
    "Don't be an idiot You can't let it go Till it won't come back And you can't move forward It's somethin' like a discord It was so slow That it crushes all the atoms And destroys every molucule Oh, but"
  • So Delicate So Pure - Elisa
    "Im losing my mind Im falling apart I wanna feel you your heart And all I see is you Im such a fool to treat you like I do When I take my fears And throw them all on you But its you so delicate so pure Enough"
  • So hard so far - Clique Girlz
    "I was young and I didn't know How it feels when your heart gets broken I was young how was I supposed to know It would hurt so bad I'd cry Some days are down Some days are cool Some days I fly Some days"
  • So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional
    "(feat. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows) Hand out the window Floatin' on air Just a flip of the wrist I'd be wavin' you goodbye Drive past the lifeguard stand Where I sit around waiting for you to remember As"
  • So young so good - 3LW
    "Oh No Yeaaah Ooooh Cuz the boys look so good But their minds are not ready (Oh No) I know their young but I need a man not a grown boy (Noo) Jessica: I met a guy the other day I think he was my age He"
  • So Wrong, So Fast - Jean Shepard
    "As I sit here alone and in silence reliving each day of the past I'm searching my life for one answer how things went so wrong so fast Don't tell me that it is all over for if I was wrong in the past I'll"
  • So High So Low - Selena Gomez
    "Do you know what it's like to feel so high then suddenly it happens, you just feel so low. before you could even cry. So stop listen, for another sound and before it know it, You're just one little"

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