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adrenalin lpopez

  • Wound Up - Naked Aggression
    "I'm starting to feel nervous, full of anxiety. My heart will nor stop shaking. my hands are trembling. My adrenalin is rushing, my stomach's knotted up Can't make this feeling go away. I know I'm gonna"
  • Talk In 79 - Philip Lynott
    "The clash were headed for a head on collision Crash for complete control The pistols left behind a swindle and a scandal That nobody wished to handle Sham 69 were left in a shambles Generation x was next Elvis"
  • My Little World - Endless
    "one touch was enough to join our worlds every movement of yours is for me a miracle even though we have never met to join our worlds I observe your struggle for life with desire to protect you I will"
  • Bleib Nicht Stehen - Fahnenflucht
    "Es muss sich weiterdrehen weiterdrehen das Lebenskettenkarrussell muss sich drehen drehen drehen Drehen laut und schnell stndig auf der suche nach dem Glck nimmst du nichts mehr richtig wahr Nicht mal"
  • Tomb Of Memories - Fleshcrawl
    "Blood covering this place Like crust upon my eyes Adrenalin in my veins Pain upon my face Heat growing in my head Burning flesh inside Bound to old memories Which never seem to cease Dark vision's all"
  • Thinking Of The Time - Burning Heads
    "Thinking of the time, we would go to shows They called it HC, called it punk, it doesn't matter It was not violent and it was for the cause Taking a trip was less than this song After song the heat was"
  • Violins - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * To the hilt And the classic ways still on play Violins bitter sweet String quartet pass around the hat You broke my heart don't you hurt my head After Violet and me saw the Paganini"
  • Apocalypse - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Paradise in distress I've been faster Than my own shadow I've been colder Than a icepick you know What really matters Is a heart of gold And a whole lotta money And a fat checkbook Been"
  • Out On A Day Pass - James Young
    "I can't believe the shape I'm in I'm living on adrenalin They check me out every now and then To see how I fit in Don't ask me about my mental state I know you think I can't relate I can't adjust, I have"
  • Am I Going Insane - Black Sabbath
    "Super animation, turning on a nation And they're saying all moving parts stand still Since he was elected, adrenalin injected Hear him saying all moving parts should kill Just like the hero he's got them"

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