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delirium blagam wroc

  • Don't Think, Just Move - Acroma
    "I've already spent Time in delirium I've already been To the other side and back again Will this ever be? The same will this ever mean anything Will this ever be? Anything more than a broken daydream And"
  • Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract - Ne Obliviscaris
    "All horizons fall through dying stains A crimson crown to call my own O home is everywhere I voyage And darkness is always with me I call to the sirens Echoing in sweet laughter Broken hopes beneath the"
  • Lid To Your Soul - Neuraxis
    "Malevolent creature of hatred One that feeds on emotions Psychologically unsound and very unstable Bent on destruction of integreity Tell him what he wants to hear He'll twist it to his advantage Victims"
  • Welcome To The New Dimension - Ayreon
    "'''Forever of the Stars:''' Welcome! You have entered the cranial vistas of psychogenesis. This is the place of no-time and no-space. Do not be afraid for I am merely the vocal manifestation of your eternal"
  • The Terrible Two - Guided By Voices
    "We're gonna drive you ??? through Canada I'm not supposed to tell you Up to the top girl, I'm focused in my development I'm not supposed to tell you Don't leave any notes for Birgit She don't have to know One"
  • Synthetic Sin Zero - Centinex
    "Revel with lust in fragments of fire Vengeance revealed like a red roaming choir Swallow the fluid from speechless black Inhale and destroy, there is no turning back Terminal terrestrial punchline - A"
  • Hit the north III - Fall
    "Hit the northWould you credit it, bradford, town nameWere just savagesComputers infest the hotelsCops cant catch criminalsI think what the hell, get some! get some!Theyre not too bad, they talk to godTheyre"
  • Hit the north II - Fall
    "Would you credit it? Town bradford existssss [4]Computers infest the hotels - get some! get some!Cops cant catch criminalsWhat the hell, they talk to godWere just sssssHit the northCant get a break on"
  • Neverland - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie Neverland Don't lie awake Restless, cold Drown yourself Into the deep Neverland Drown yourself Just close your eyes, silently See the gleam of sand of solace Rise Fall before"
  • Mourning Grief - Airged L'amh
    "Facing the nightmare in me dreams of emptiness Dark clouds spit fire and ice all across the land Tide of forgotten times in nameless shape arise as I had fallen into shadow Gazing these purple skies I"

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