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dzbanek wina

  • Wino Samotnych - Michał Bajor
    "Jeszcze krok i znów mrok, mała wieczność ta minuta trwać możne sto lat obok już twoich póz niedorzeczność jest samotność jak lustro i walc to twój cień objął cię chłodem szarym szepce ci jakieś nikt nie"
  • Nobody Wins - Lynn Anderson
    "Well it really it doesn't matter who's right or wrong We've been hurting each other for much too long And it's too late to try to save what might have been when it's over nobody wins Make believing in"
  • Lonely Wine - Roy Orbison
    "(Kitty Wells) The night is bright and gay but I'm so blue My heart must have it's way and dream of you That's why I sigh and sip my lonely wine Your picture on the wall your smiling face Brings back"
  • Elderberry Wine - Elton John
    "There's a fly in the window A dog in the yard And a year since I saw you There's a trunk in the corner I keep all my letters My bills and demands I keep too Well I can't help thinking About the times You"
  • The Wine - Venin Noir
    "(Music: Campilho/Frade/Montechiari Lyrics: Dias) ("Sometimes it's hard to realize when good things finally happen to us. Life gets us so used to failing, that succeeding sounds too surreal to take. This"
  • Cheap Wine - Cold Chisel
    "Once I smoked a Danneman cigar Drove a foreign car Baby that was years ago I left it all behind Had a friend, I heard she died On a needle she was crucified Baby that was years ago I left it all behind"
  • Blood & Wine - Dustin Kensrue
    "I've been with Sally I've been with Sue I've been with Cindy and her sister too. Now I'm tryin' to settle down, Start a family wiith that cute little Kim. But now that I've tasted blood, Now this wine"
  • Homemade Wine - Shawn Mullins
    "Sixty miles from El Paso Feelin' lonesome as can be Driving further from the heartache that was slowly killing me I left at 4 am last monday Filled my tank at luther's store I might be checking' in come"
  • Nobody Wins - The Veronicas
    "Hold your head up high You're never wrong Somewhere in the right you belong You would rather fight than walk away What a lonely way to breathe the air What an unlovely way to say you care Now we're too"
  • Greckie wino - Anna German
    "Pamiętam małe białe miasto w ostrym świetle dnia Popołudnie puste wypalonej słońcem aż do dna . Leniwy czas w uliczkę tę prowadził nas. Kafejka i chłodne wino, które krąży z rąk do rąk. W kwadracie cienia,"

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