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ewelina lisowska we gle

  • We Two - Little River Band
    "WE TWO - Little River Band All alone, on my own since I walked out on you, I walked out on me, now it's gone, and you, what to do, there's so much time,and so many nights to get through, oh why do we play,"
  • We danced - Eddy
    "The summer air was heavy and sweet You and I on a crowded street There was music everywhere, I can see us there In a happy little foreign town Where the stars hung upside down A half a world away, far"
  • We Could - Kitty Wells
    "If anyone could find the joy that true love brings a girl and boy We could we could you and I If anyone could ever say that their true love was here to stay We could we could you and I When you're"
  • Didn't We - Barbra Streisand
    "(someone shouting: I love you!) Still uh? faithful. wait... wait. if I would have known there were so many People on the two sides here I would have had my nose fixed! never! these People are too smart... This"
  • We Are - Number One Gun
    "Do you have your picture done? You painted well but not so right And we're the ones who ruined it for you (and I'm sorry) And now it's only stuck in your mind, in your mind We are, we are, the promises We"
  • Didn't we - Supremes
    "This time we almost made the pieces fitDidn't weThis time we almost made some sense of itDidn't weThis time I had the answer right here in my handAnd I touched it and it had turned to sandThis time we"
  • We Propose - Ziggy Marley
    "Callin' callin' callin' Warnin' warnin' warnin' We propose to live up our life We propose to do waht is right We propose to free our people We propose to live in Africa This mess, yes we detest Controlled"
  • Couldn't we - Deborah Cox
    "There were words between us Words that hurt inside Still thats just no reason To say the word goodbye We cant let go Of something beautiful We cant just let it die Cant you and I Just try to find one reason"
  • We Irish - Dolly Parton
    "We Irish love to sing We Irish love to dance We Irish love to party Whener' we get the chance We have a lot of troubles But we have a lot of soul We'll drink a pint of Guiness And forget about our woes Ei-ee-ei,"
  • We Are - Hollywood Undead
    "We are we are We are made from broken parts We are we are We are broken from the start Our hearts, our hearts They were beating in the dark We are we are We are built from broken parts If you can lose"

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