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get lucky daft punk

  • Punk Rock City - Randy
    "I live way up in the north of sweden Don't need to tell you the name of the town I can find the most things that I need there Enough happens to make time go by There is only one thing that I miss there, There"
  • Punk Rawk Show - MxPx
    "we ain't got no place to go so let's go to the punk rock show darling take me by the hand we're gonna see a punk rawk band there's no use in tv shows radio or rodeos i wanna get into the crowd i"
  • Punk Rock City - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "Now Yin and Yang they got together at the bank They had a young un and they grew him in a tank They got to work and they put him on a train And you know they got together and theyre doing it again (oh,"
  • Punk Rock Chicks - Ace Troubleshooter
    "Tonight I went to a punk rock show The band was really good And the lights were all low I saw one on my left I saw one on my right Those punk rock chicks Really made my night Gimme gimme gimme one sweet"
  • Punk Rock Girls - The Queers
    "Leather jackets, stupid boyfriends, poor report cards, life is just a ball Hi- top Chucks and bubblegum and oh my gosh I'd love to love them all They're so cool their style is never cramped Too much of"
  • Punk And Belligerent - Warrior Soul
    "I'm going out tonight And I'm going out drinking Don't bother waiting up 'Cause I'm coming home stinking I'm tired of sitting 'round Watching my world going down Gonna get kicked out Of every bar in town Cause"
  • Punk rock rulebook - 88 Fingers Louie
    "Don't talk to me about selling out cause i won't be listening you're just another jaded kid who doesn't see i'm making money that's quickly spent i've got a family you ain't gotta worry 'bout the rent"
  • Pop Punk Band - Avoid One Thing
    "i wanna be in a pop punk band tryin to ride to pop punk land i know what i'm gonna wear i'll have spiky pop punk hair bore us, bore us, get us to the chorus just cant stop it, got it at hot topic no need"
  • Punk Rock Academy - Atom And His Package
    "I was fighting the mold in my bowl with my pee, when a thought popped into my brain. If all of us hated high school so much, why was nothing ever changed? So i called brian up, with my plan that's red"
  • Punk Rock Girl - Monty's Fan Club
    "1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, go! Yeah, well, I tried so many times You know I've done it all before Just to show what's inside It's really no use at all I would always tell myself Try harder everyday But when"

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