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  • Pappersp?se - Bob Hund
    "Papperspse P mitt huvud Natt p bussen Dag p bussen Papperspse Papperspse P mitt huvud Ljus belysning Mrk belysning Papperspse P mitt huvud I mitt huvud I mitt huvud Reklamkampanj Papperspse Papperspse P"
  • Yo Se - Pushover
    "Experience has led me to conclusions I don't like this game of our confusions People come and people go just like you I don't know what else is there to do There's something wrong there's something gone Just"
  • Aakhon Se - Atif Aslam
    "Aankhoon sae jab bhi hooon TERE ankheen juda Maaaan sae jaab bhi hooo TERA maaaan Khafa To jeee pukareee, pukareeee TUJHE Maaan ghabrayeee, bulayeeee TUJHE Keh dil hareee pukareee TUJHEEEEEEEEEE Man jaa"
  • Ya Se - Attaque 77
    "Ya s, ya s, ya s, ya s mas de lo que debera saber. Ya tengo, tengo, tengo, tengo todo lo que no quera tener. Ya estoy, ya estoy, ya estoy, ya estoy bien lejos de donde quera llegar. Y hoy, hoy, hoy, hoy,"
  • Se Dest - House Of Love
    "Bruised and I'm aching Screwed to the floor I'm high on the shock I've closed off the door Cut the heart of pain Loaded with dice and shame Where do you stop? Why do you stop? You'll just do the same again Give"
  • Se?orita - Clan Italiano
    "(V.Pisano-Lipari) Seorita da donde vien, caballero da Santa Cruz dove il cielo sempre blu, dove stai con chi vuoi tu. Seorita sei muj hermosa, non per niente me chiamo Rosa e io sono el matador lancio"
  • No se - Mad Caddies
    "My mind's locked up In a world that I don't knowThe end is coming soonI think I'll lose controlStaring out my window And it feels fineWell, I'm sending all my signalsBut I stiffen so I'm longSaid I'm sending"
  • Jade - Picture House
    "(browne/glenister/maitland) Jade you're a stone And you woke up so frightened to find that you're sinking alone But you're only afraid of yourself Jade you're a star But you're thrashing the house now"
  • Jade - Flowing Tears
    "jade in milky green parade a teardrop carved in smile jade behold the sun I made a deep embracing pride help me carry the raindrops break me, hurry to rape on hold on drag me away god drown me, buried"
  • Jade - Chariots
    "Honey, wake up the lie Honey, wake up the lie Honey, wake up the lie Hurry up, make-up to need Hurry up, make-up to need Hurry up, make-up to need Sad,sad,sad, face x3You beautiful or sexy kodoku sa But"

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