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  • I'm sorry - Moody Blues
    "Why don't you write me, Call me on the 'phone, Send Western Union? You can find me home. I said I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry. You know I bled you, Led you on a lie; You say I fooled you. Who's the the fool"
  • Veronica Sorry - Peter Koelewijn
    "Het nieuws hoorde ik in juli aan zee De minister was kort, hij zei 'nee! ' Sommigen hadden dat al gedacht Maar zovelen hadden het nooit verwacht Herman Stok, jij eerste echte Dj Ben jij daar nou wel zo"
  • I'm Sorry - Tommy Reeve
    "I know I wasnt there, when you needed me the most. I know I didnt care and was afraid to get so close. Tonight its gettin hard to fall asleep. Cause its becomin clear that I broke all into peaces and"
  • I'm Sorry - Evergrey
    "I painted a picture of you, your soul was red and your mind was blue. Destiny laid a light on my creation. This dream I had made a slave of my passion, reality was always too far away. And we were happy"
  • I'm Sorry - Almadrava
    "I know what it feels like, Ive been through this before. You dont have to worry, better times will come. Go on looking forward, dont turn around. Stand up and walk on, this is not the end. Im sorry about"
  • I'm Sorry - 1st Lady
    "They say it takes time to get over serious relationships But Ive been waiting patiently(patiently) Im still stuck on you(stuck on you) I still picture your face smiling at me Ive made a big mistake(big"
  • I'm Sorry - R. Kelly
    "Said I'm sorry for everything that I ever done to you Yeah (The apologies of a thug) Said I'm sorry for all the pain that I ever brung to you Baby I'm sorry for all the times that I hurt you Lied, cheated"
  • Sorry Now - Mustard Plug
    "This song is over you think it's just begun It's the start where it all went wrong Won't be the band aid for your affliction Every time it rains you think I'm a raincoat And you say I said I wasn't gunna"
  • Sorry girl - Kim Lian
    "If I knew how to cryhow to release my tearsif I fell to my kneeswould it keep you from goingIf I learn how to talkopen my heart like a childto be safe in your armswould it change what you feelI'm nothing"
  • Almost Sorry - Sergey Lazarev
    "Disrespecting me I feel it to the core You keep dismissing me like I am nothing more Then just another guy to push around It don't matter what I say it's still the same I've endured more Then you could"

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