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madison beer dead

  • Dead - Hatesphere
    "now listen crawl over here down on your knees the paralyzing hate struck from behind your violent throne withered away remember me? PAY! die when I tell you to die dead the parts switched over now suddenly"
  • Dead - Floater
    "I was alive (repeat). And now I'm dead. Something inside, keeps telling me I have died. Something below, keeps pulling me through my snow. Something inside, keeps telling me I have died. Something I know,"
  • Dead - My Chemical Romance
    "And if your heart stops beating, Ill be here wondering, Did you get what you deserve? The ending of your life And if you get to heaven Ill be here waiting, baby, To get what you deserve, The ending of"
  • Dead - Voltaire
    "There's a pilot impaled to the wing and he's Dead! And all the passengers, they are missing 'cause they're Dead! Oh someone tell me why I'm alive I don't even care And yet I have been spared There's"
  • Dead - Converge
    "You never loved me now I cannot lie down in that bed I cannot lie down in all of those old fears I haven't slept, singe the colors from my glances If I was bleeding, would you tell me? If I was speaking,"
  • Dead - They Might Be Giants
    "I returned a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the expiration date I came back as a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the date stamped on myself Did a large procession"
  • Dead - Enemy You
    "I don't want to go through life in a mundane existence every day and night It's always work and the TV screen One more day of this I'm going to scream I need to escape I drink till my head aches And"
  • Dead - Erick Sermon
    "feat. Redman, Mariah CareyIntro: Just Blaze yo Erick Sermon and the RED man U cant fuck with us Verse1: erick sermon: yo this is the E and my name is free put your gun on my head and you are dead, i have"
  • Dead - King Diamond
    "Heaven, or Hell Heaven, or Hell Heaven, or Hell Where are we now? What is this place? Don't you remember little brother? We died, we're dead I wonder what are they going to do to me Am I going to"
  • Dead - Khanate
    "i was... not worth knowing visible awful but not seen alone always forever - beauty opposite transparent hear me - listen - right here i was... kept walking awful unnoticed beauty opposite - alone island"

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