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  • See You In Hell - Ad Infinitum
    "Oh, when the night comes back All my fears and doubts Get my head to choose the way To end this masquerade You were my only star My light in the dark One drop in your wine And all this pain will fade away Now"
  • Revenge - Ad Infinitum
    "I know how pain can talk to me I remember how hate can make me feel When lights go down Sometimes these states of mind Make me deaf and blind But what goes around comes back around Pain! Burns! Me! Help"
  • Marching on Versailles - Ad Infinitum
    "This was your final chance A chance you didn't take Like the lightning, we will fall on your golden world This was your final dance Your final reverence Now on the horizon you can see our torches burning No"
  • Fire And Ice - Ad Infinitum
    "Dancing together Building forever Dancing together Building forever Take my hand Bring my again tou your paradise Our little games Together we paly They make my smile You touch my skin I leave the ground Watch"
  • Son Of Wallachia - Ad Infinitum
    "Oh I'm feeling like a warrior Oh the world I knew is on fire Here comes the rain one more time But hope shines bright here in my heart Homeland awaits, I will be back But what will I find? So many seasons"
  • Reinvented - Ad Infinitum
    "Sing, sing for the long fallen angels Beg for the pardon divine Following you in the afterlife Dream, dream of the voice of the demons Endlessly calling your name Do you see their smile shining through"
  • Unstoppable - Ad Infinitum
    "Hear me Nothing can stop the fire in the heart Of the broken one Fear me If your destiny is linked to mine One more time I sing Oh Tonight I watch the stars align and Oh They tell me don't fall down So"
  • Inferno - Ad Infinitum
    "Can you hear me? Is there still a soul in this body now? I hear the echoes of the screaming minds You tortured and left behind Do you see the scars you're drawing in their skin? Or are you blind? Are you"
  • Your Enemy - Ad Infinitum
    "You built your empire out of darkness And where you see power, I see loneliness No, I don't want this life Do you remember? You thought you left me to die, now I am fearless Don't you see all the rage"
  • Afterlife - Ad Infinitum
    "Chanting your name All the souls in Hell await As all men, you will die Will we celebrate your triumphs or despise your crimes? One last try to save Your name for your final day A redemption divine And"

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