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minta bocoran ekor fajar pakotuk malam ini

  • I will find you - Marc Anthony
    "I hurt my reputationAnd I know the reasons whyIn every situationSomeone said good-byeStill the road is paved with problemsI see the light againI know the world that I hungerIs just beyond the bendI believe"
  • If drinking don't kill me - George Jones
    "(Her Memory Will)The bars are all closedIt?s four in the morningMust have shut 'em all downBy the shape that I'm inI lay my head on the wheelAnd the horn begins honkingThe whole neighborhood knowsThat"
  • TV maniacs - Ellegarden
    "You said it's all a mess Good to hear you anywayWe are now overwhelmed with good old perfectionWe know the TV sucks We have much more to learnYou think you are complicatedDon't worry So am IYou ain't the"
  • Teenage lament 74 - Gabriel Mann
    "What a Drag It IsThese Gold Lame' JeansIs This the Coolest WayTo Get Though Your TeensWell, I Cut My Hair WeirdI Read That It Was InI Looked Like a RoosterThat Was Drowned and Raised AgainWhat Are You"
  • So sad - Ellegarden
    "I woke up from the dream of the good days I was inI took you home and you slept next to meIn the morning I could smell the eggs you cooked for meWe were sure it'd last until we dieYou asked me if I'd ever"
  • Let's get wild - Elena Paparizou
    "There's so much more to thisThere's so much more to getThe nights are round the bend And i don't need my friendsThey'll fall for anyoneDon't care to pick or chooseBut sticking with the one I wantWhile"
  • Like a dog - G-Unit
    "It's the UnitYou gotta know how we do itI Put the seat back when we rolling,I Let the system thump when we coastingI had the tre pound with me cockRun up on Omega ShotIn the street like a dogNiggas say"
  • Nurse Rozetta - Gabriel Mann
    "I'm a Shepherd For the PentecostI Got My Scriptures and My Wires CrossedI Got no Kids and I Got no HomeThey Want Us Holy Men to Live AloneSince I've Been Here For a Little StayI See Rozetta Day By DayShe"
  • Gone - Fuel
    "Yeah!I knowHow you're always putting down all your friendsI knowHow you think your righteousness will make amendsI knowHow that little short skirt always gets you inI knowHow you hold me down just hoping"
  • Let love in - Goo Goo Dolls
    "You wait, wanting this worldTo let you inAnd you stand thereA frozen lightIn dark and empty streetsYou smile hiding behindA God-given faceBut I know you're so much moreEverything they ignoreIs all that"

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