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minta bocoran pala pakong 888 untuk malam ini

  • Pale Blue Eyes - Marisa Monte
    "Sometimes I feel so happy Sometimes I feel so sad Sometimes I feel so happy But mostly you just make me mad Baby you just make me mad Linger on, your pale blue eyes Linger on, your pale blue eyes Though"
  • Pale green strars - Everclear
    "Amanda is in love with the sight of the moon She's got pale green stars in her room Right above her bed Put them on the ceiling Leave on the light When the sun goes down then the stars might shine Shining"
  • Pale Blue Monday - Jackie Greene
    "Well I let down Virginia When I told her I was bound for leaving I told her that the city air Just werent worth my breathing Then I packed my bags and left her On her own; Moving sad and slowly Down the"
  • Pale Horse Apocalypse - DevilDriver
    "Solemn roads and the paths least chose Walking miles when the ground is frozen Selling souls that aren't yours to give Some must go and other may live Pale horse - apocalypse Stale breath - from liar's"
  • Beyond The Pale - Pain Of Salvation
    "And sex was always there From when I was only eight years Tempting me leaving me thirsty Sweat Skin A pulse divine To balance this restless mind It seemed so wonderfully physical Oh the blood, the lust The"
  • Beyond The Pale - Procol Harum
    "Who will search for Holy Grail Past the edge beyond the veil Who will come beyond the light Far from reach beyond all sight Who will share this bitter cup let the wild dogs tear them up let the cold winds"
  • Pale In Comparison - A Day at the Fair
    "I'll bet you never knew, The parade of people that hang their heads and cry for you, With their eyes on the casket, they're silently saying goodbye to you, And the face in the crowd that knows he could"
  • Pale Blue Face - Glasseater
    "Seeing it from the other side Who's laughing now? Turned out all your games were worthless My head is still intact, I'm on top now How can you still deny You know i've seen it with my very eyes Count me"
  • Intro (Pale Rider) - Drapht
    "{{Disambig}} *[ ] from [ ] *[ ] from [ ] *[ ] from [ ]"
  • Hetzjagd In Pal - Nagelfar
    "Die Zeit walzt Ein Lichtblitz Trifft meinen Stolz Und entzndet mich Legenden der Erlsung, wie Sure auf Gestein Der starre Blick in die Sonne reit Wunden, Die unreines Blut befreien Ich schrecke hoch"

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