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Teksty piosenek (1957)

model tokhing

  • Great Expectations (The Peel Session) - New Model Army
    "When I was young I dreamed and dreamed About all the things that I was going to be A brave explorer holding court or a really famous astronaut A handsome pop star on the screen or captain of the England"
  • Wanting - New Model Army
    "I'm wondering, I'm asking, I'm feeling, I'm seeing I'm wondering, I'm asking, I'm reaching, I'm finding I'm wanting I watched you get the things that you could buy Raise your arms and try to fly Face"
  • Notice Me (The Peel Session) - New Model Army
    "I'll take any drug in the whole damn world if you'll only notice me Mainline poisons by the score - notice me I'll break any law, and I'll hurt anybody - notice me I'll be a pop star and I'll stand on"
  • Western Dream - New Model Army
    "Gather round and listen and I'll tell you how's it's done How they manage to make idiots out of everyone Take a human population with their hunger and their pain And the weaknesses that cripple them again"
  • Heroin - New Model Army
    "He said - come on now little darling, if you love me like you say You can just lie there and sniff the smoke, you don't have to use your vein And you knew all the stories, but this sweet boy would never"
  • Adrenalin - New Model Army
    "We were in the corner, the Clanduff by the door On opposite sides of the dance hall, staring across the floor The lights go out, the fists fly in, it's the usual Friday scene Because adrenalin is the strongest"
  • No Sense - New Model Army
    "Are we still not speaking? Bitter words leave such a bitter taste Yes, I meant to hurt you But it was never meant to go as far as this And still I can make no sense out of these things that I do And I"
  • Trust - New Model Army
    "Walking home on a foggy night Walking home alone Wishing there was power in my fingertips To burn through this solid stone How the hell am I supposed to know what mood you're in When you're changing all"
  • R.I.P. - New Model Army
    "This all started the way things do With a laugh and a cup of tea around the fire As we sheltered from those wicked winds in front of that old TV And we traded ideas as we watched each other with those"
  • Brave New World 2 - New Model Army
    "The thick black smoke comes rising up, silent in these dreams There's faces leering through the haze, that ripples in the heat And words are just some place to hide, a wall that we can run behind When"

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