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palimy samochody palimy mosty

  • Most Beautiful Plague - Say Anything
    "Baby! You don't wanna make me cry or I will fill you with the emptiness inside. Okay! Alright! Baby! You don't wanna say goodbye or I will soak you in this rich formaldehyde. Cause you're beautiful"
  • Most nad diamentow - Harlem
    "Powiedz mi co ci sie w głowie śnikiedy świat twój się zapadakiedy wiesz że na ten drugi brzegsłodki ból cię poprowadziPowiedz mi czy tylko gorzkie łzymoże radość ci nie znanakażdy krok to w życiu jeden"
  • Song Of Most - Will Oldham
    "I knew what I wanted to do when I was only three years old but then they came for the flame for all the sables o ye doe-hoo and I found one brace of gold where I had laid it all the same but when ye never"
  • Most Popular Losers - Someday Never
    "Too many stops too many reasons running, jumping around my head i wish that i could grasp onto what was left to be unsaid i'm trying to do my best and none the less, but back it up i've been trying for"
  • Most Days And - Owen
    "Oh, I could just leave things A lot more easily than you'd think 'Cause I've been known to retreat Every few years So what am I waiting for Oh, it's sad Oh, I know Then youngness of my young man shows So"
  • Treachery Most Foul - 10 Kingdoms
    "We are suns nation And we do creation Of perfect temptation By sound is the mission Thrugh the darkness of future past A chant between two worlds We are suns nation And we do creation Open dimensions"
  • Hurts the most - Monica
    "Boy its been a long time,Since the last time I saw youFeels like nothings changedSince we've been togetherI must admit that I'm still crazy bout youAnd I can see it in your eyesThat there's something you"
  • America's Most Wanted - The Sunstreak
    "orgive me I am sorry. More than anyone could know. You'll sit and wait forever but I am not there. These words will never break me. This is never going to change. Outcomes remain the same. Sometimes I"
  • On most surfaces - The Gathering
    "The frost hits me in the eye and wakes me these are blury winters and I cannot see I walk into the white light of the snow when the sun comes I break it with my shadow which tales me where I go The frost"
  • Murder Most Foul - Bob Dylan
    "Premiera 27 marca 2020 roku."

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