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runaway - Federico Ferrandina

  • Run Runaway - Great Big Sea
    "I like black and white dream in black in white you like black and white run runaway Chorus: See chameleon lying there in the sun all things to everyone run runaway if your in the swing money ain't everything if"
  • Another Runaway - Ladyhawke
    "I never said i was a one time woman I never wrote it I never said it I should have known you`d leave me out here hanging on I should have seen it I didn`t get it Oh oh oh i don`t believe it Oh oh oh"
  • Runaway - Sahlene - Mr. Big
    "Did somebody dare to tell you what's right Which colours to wear to laugh or cry You wanna be fair and maybe you're right Let's burn our fingers stop the fight Always driving through the red light babe Everybody"
  • Runaway Train - Busted
    "Call you up in the middle of the night, Like a firefly without a light, You were there like a slow torch burning, Was a key that could use a little turning. So tired that I couldn't eat or sleep, So many"
  • Runaway Love - Ludacris
    "Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Now little Lisa is only 9 years old Shes tryin' to figure out why the world is so cold"
  • Runaway Crush - Stella Soleil
    "I...carry a picture of you In my mind I...carry a memory Of that time Oh when you open me Your why I breathe You open me And you take it away from me And I believe I'm feelin the ghost of your touch Its"
  • Runway runaway - Ram Jam
    "Late one night, oh me stop fight Cruising the friendly skies She looked at me, she said what's bad I wanna hold you for a while We must work fast to make it last Till we meet again Been shout and scream"
  • Runaway feelin - Dolly Parton
    "Got a crazy, restless feelin' I cannot be consoled Got an itchy urge to up and run I think I've lost control You do something to me Something that I really can't explain I ain't felt like this since I'ze"
  • The Runaway - Saga
    "Crash and burn I know that it's not over yet Live and learn By living on the internet Don't look now I think we're on a runaway Everybody's riding on a runaway Smack the mouse Someone's trying to take"
  • Runaway Train - Oleander
    "it's a corner that you turn it's a lesson that you learned in time it's a worry that you feel, another scar that you conceal from sight have i been away to long for me to say, have i been away to long"

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