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the white tie affair

  • White - Herman Brood
    "Like a ghost in daylight operatin' on a crowded street always in danger somehow invisible for the heat I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna be white I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna"
  • White - Borknagar
    "Again The empty room White and unmarked, though touched With a sensible structure Underneath the surface Hiding in the corner of the eye Or resting outside the field of vision No doors or windows No entrances"
  • White - Lights
    "Are there oceans full of things you'll never say Are there skylines of the cities you don't see Is there music muted playing underneath Is mathematics keeping you from thinking free Do you see lights"
  • Cheap Love Affair - The Stanley Brothers
    "Don't go so far away love, try to stay around For losing you would be more than I could bear Though I'm tied to another, I hope someday she'll set me free For I don't want a cheap love affair I knew we"
  • White - Frank Ocean
    "Could this be earth, could this be light Does this mean everythings going to be alright One look out my window theres trees talking like people I dreamt of storms, I dreamt of sound I dreamt of gravity"
  • A Casual Affair - The Style Council
    "It's funny how time seems to soften the blow And only with time do I see at all That the promises made were the start of the fall The biggest mistake was to promise at all Shout the odds And what does"
  • Tie The Rope (Bonus Track) - Rage
    "Some kids of today Live a boring life, they say Playing deadly games Risk their life for just a thrill No one wants to see how final is eternity Show me you're alive, I'm waiting for a sign Frame their"
  • Tie me at the crossroads - Bruce Cockburn
    "(CHORUS:) Tie me at the crossroads when I die Hang me in the wind 'til I get good and dry And the kids that pass can scratch their heads And say "who was that guy?" Tie me at the crossroads when I die"
  • Tie Dye On The Highway - Robert Plant
    "Tie dye on the highway - see the garlands in your hair If you're going my way, come along What a beautiful sky - we just had to stop and stare See the beautiful colours fill the air (Oh, just the messengers"
  • Tie Goes To The Runner - Public Enemy
    "Here a track I found underneath Findin' beats is a treat An' I don't care if it top pop Abracadabra can't keep a tab a This stickin' around like D an' it stuck Chuck Into a mode, unloadin' pop, pop, pop Go"

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