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11 november 2018 buka 36

  • Genesis 11 - Will Haven
    "Faith's foundation Feeding the need To build to And exist in Unite. Build. Reaching. The masses, one machine Breeding, a common goal Unite. Build. Reaching. Unite. Build. Reaching. Raining down Splitting"
  • September 11 - ShattereD
    "Verse1 Why did this have to happen? There's no reason for this. Just think of all those lives that we are forced to miss. There is no way to bottle this up inside. But there isn't anywhere for all this"
  • Sakrileg 11 - Eisbrecher
    "Kss mich damit ich nichts sagen muss Halt mich und dann mach mit mir Schluss Ich wei nicht wie und wieso es mit uns abwrts geht Es gibt noch viel fr mich zu tun doch du stehst mir im weg Ganz egal was"
  • Titel 11 - Madsen
    "Euphorie Wir machen uns auf den Weg Mit neuem Mut und neuen Ideen Und jeder wei das etwas passiert Wir knn' gewinn', wir knn' verliern' Wir sind bereit und aufgeregt Wir merken nicht, wie schnell die"
  • 11:12 - Backseat Goodbye
    "you took your hand from the sky said you were tired of doing someone else's job then the moon fell and shattered on the ground i said "i'm sorry for the last six months, it's not your fault you're stronger"
  • 11 Dreams - Mercenary
    "Talk to me Tell me your vision The answer Lies deep in you Obey These voices keeping you sane Trust me, I promise I won't lie again Never ever again No We are you dreaming No The dreams you're feeling So"
  • 11:22 - I Voted For Kodos
    "This candle, this flame I'll sit and watch it burn, slowly It burns away the memories of the pain I've felt So soon, so far away Don't try to hold it for a day It just makes things worse, I've learned"
  • 11/22 - Hot Chip
    "Strangle your hold Don't let me go Until I want what you want Pray for the strength (To) keep it in place Promise to God you won't I've got faith in you to lose yours in me Like you say though before you"
  • 11. 303 - Kula Shaker
    "I'm just I'm just I'm just a man stuck pushing some wheel Moving on and down the road to the 303. In the land of summer sun, we have just begun Riding out with my friends in a Mercedez Benz. You can find"
  • 11 Block - Machine Head
    "If you're wondering whyAll the love that you long for eludes youAnd people are rude and cruel to youI'll tell you whyI'll tell you whyI'll tell you whyYou just haven't earned it yet, babyYou just haven't"

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