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Adrian Trojanowski

  • Something to do - Adrian Belew
    "Try to lose your attitude, put it in your boots or stick it where the sun doesn't shine try to have a good time, it's something to do I read a good book, buy a pair of shoes maybe I'm a strange kinda dude"
  • Standing in the shadow - Adrian Belew
    "How could you look so cool And make me feel so hot How could you start me up And never let me stop And when you touched my hand And when you plugged me in I said "you turn me on" But you forgot to turn"
  • Stop it - Adrian Belew
    "Well I wrestle with my toothbrush each morning at noon I stumble into the bathroom and have my shampoo I?m livin? in a suitcase; lookin? for a call Leerin? at the telephone and laughin? to the wall Now"
  • Survival in the wild - Adrian Belew
    "Underneath a burning sky The tenants of the fire Sit in silence as they ponder Survival in the wild With our love to keep us up There is nothing in the world That can knock us down We can take whatever"
  • Swingline - Adrian Belew
    "Swingline throughout the backyards of the midwest Lean back, baby, in your seat on the train Look through the window pane Look at that kid over there with no underwear And a silly dog who doesn?t care"
  • The lone rhinoceros - Adrian Belew
    "I'm a lone rhinoceros There ain?t one hell of a lots of us Left in this world I stand alone in my concrete cell Where people stare and toss me coke cans I guess it?s better than being poached But I?d give"
  • The man in the moon - Adrian Belew
    "There I stood in the night Out on the broken pier Me with my feet in the sea You with your face in the clouds, The man in the moon And as I heard your voice, Felt your laugh Flood across the broken pier"
  • The momur - Adrian Belew
    "Late last night I was speaking with my wife When she turned into a momur Tried to put me uptight I said "you don?t scare me" Then she let out a scream That?s when my heart started jumpin? Like a broken"
  • The rail song - Adrian Belew
    "I recall as a boy we would hop the freights wasn't nothin' but a kick back then there was no better thrill for my anxious heart than a long flatcar headin' out of the yard and I knew even then she was"
  • The ruin after the rain - Adrian Belew
    "When it first began in the light of sacred things and you felt oblivious to any sort of pain when it first began to rain then there came the steady flow slowly like a flood sweeping over everything and"

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