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Big sstar

  • Big Drop - George Stanford
    "Tonight, We're gonna set this record right, Confess, come and get it all off your chest, I know, how you like these things to go Like me, how you wanna just take it slow Today, we have to bury our old"
  • Big Chomper, Big Chomper - Drmanhattan
    "What's the point of converse if it's not engaging and long? What's the point of learning if you knew it all along? What's the point of singing if you can't sing along? What's the point of tasting if I"
  • Big Mouth - The Muffs
    "I don't like you and I won't pretend to Now I'm gonna get you out of my way into another How I ever trusted you I will never know And it all seemed so long ago What you say Will come back to you What"
  • Big John - The Shirelles
    "(big john, big john) big john, won't you come on home ain't you gonna marry me my folks all wanna know when the weddin's gonna be they're makin' plans, shakin' hands been waitin' so long there's somethin'"
  • Big Dipper - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Gary Osborne Now I saw you talking to a cute little slip of a sailor And it looked at first like the whole thing would end as a failure He had a thing about a quarter to"
  • Big Time - Webb Wilder
    "'''Big Time''' One more town on the merry-go-round one more room with no view One more bum gettin' nothing but the shun Tryin' to get a phone call to ya Well now maybe I'll never Get myself together Maybe"
  • Big Dog - Akon
    "Feeling like a big dog Woof! Hey! Feeling like a big dog Woof! Hey! Feeling like a big dog Ever since I got bitten by my dog, things changed Everything is different and my life is not the same I must've"
  • Dream Big - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "An' when you cry, be sure to dry your eyes, 'Cause better days are sure to come. An' when you smile, be sure to smile wide, An' don't let them know that they have won. An' when you walk, walk with"
  • Big City - Wall Of Voodoo
    "Think twice about big tall cities That's right Think twice about big tall cities Think twice right He closes his eyes to the world When he wakes up at night And she, she reaches tenderly Kisses him"
  • Big Smoke - Kim Mitchell
    "Big smoke, built for speed and comfort Great lines, nice foof du jour Man best be loosen' up his tie Big Smoke eating maraschino cherries You feel her groove and it hits to the bone My knees get"

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