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Champ elisse

  • De deraison en deraison - Charles Aznavour
    "De draison en draison Tourne le bal de mes saisons Tourne le monde Quand d'insomnie en insomnie Je sens les matins de ma vie Qui se confondent Avec mes nuits Aveugl par le verbe aimer J'ai laiss l'amour"
  • Super bowl shuffle - Chicago
    "Chorus We are the Bears Shufflin' Crew Shufflin' on down, doin' it for you. We're so bad we know we're good. Blowin' your mind like we knew we would. You know we're just struttin' for fun Struttin' our"
  • Struggle with this - Cappadonna
    "(... it's like I'm back in the guts, the worlds The streets, the projects, it's always a struggle No matter what you do) Struggle with this, come on ya'll, struggle with this Struggle with this, come on"
  • Pump your fist - Cappadonna
    "Uhh, yeah, what, uhh, yeah Darts of armored warfare, Deep the rhyme Caprice Deep in levels, alibi havin rebel could play this competition for pounds in the state of permission Conversation bout this kid"
  • My world - Caroline's Spine
    "Come see the world... I've seen your world... Come see my world... I once had a dream Of all the colours in harmony, But so did Martin Luther King And look what happened to him. In walking through Will"
  • To The Sky - Big Von
    "Guess Who Will Get 'emOnly A Few TriggasBustin Off Like ThisWith Songs That'll Spew WisdomWorld Premiere, We Came To AbuseIts A Box Office Smash HitA Tom Cruise PictureFirst Up, Fly Cars In The Two'sFitta"
  • Labor day - Black Eyed Peas
    "When i stepped in the room i bring the heat like the month of june crank the volume make the bass go boom wile out like we some wild baboons (oOo oOo) we go bananas to the toon i wanna throw bows gimme"
  • Mes desirs contraires - Anggun
    "Comme un feu qui glace Comme une pluie sche sous la mer Comme pile ou face Comme des fraises en hiver Comme un oeil dans le dos Une roue carre,un metal mou Comme l'arrire du tableau Comme un champ d'epines"
  • Streetlife - Azad
    "B-O-Z-Z jetzt ist alles vorbei geh in Deckung wenn ich schiess denn ich ballere ins Mic bleib hart geh mein weg kuck das keiner mich hlt mein Flow bumst dich und den Rest dieser Welt sick Shit, es ist"
  • K.O. - Azad
    "Let's go ah Check meinen Fluss ich bin die Macht in dem Schei hier, geh zur Seite halt die Fresse ich bring den bewei dir. AZ Homie jetzt is alles vorbei das hier is Next Level Game Over alles vorbei ah."

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