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Cheryll blossom

  • Someone Above - Glen Campbell
    "See the birds unfolding on the tress see them blossom into leaves Wise men know someone above has made it so See the daffodil and crocus there as they bow their heads in prayer For they know someone above"
  • April In Paris - Ella Fitzgerald
    "I never knew the charm of spring I never met it face to face I never new my heart could sing I never missed a warm embrace Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom Holiday tables under the trees April"
  • Othertime - Steve Kilbey
    "You arrive here unexplained I can't believe the chance you took I can't believe you're back again Sister come in from the rain Those images are fading now You shouldn't bring them back again In the othertime,"
  • Eastern Era - Callisto
    "Look back now, reflect the past Blind conqueror practice Years of mass fever Breathing denial Weighing the worlds of lethal leaders Can you walk by the bell tower See black and pace back? Shield your"
  • Song Of Lust - Oratory
    "They saw and island appearing through the fog divine women were waiting on the shore We're divine poets rhyme we are the healing for your hearts and we'll take you to paradise Along the night we are"
  • Limehouse Blues - Cab Calloway
    "(Philip Braham / Douglas Furber) And those weird China blues Never go away Sad, mad blues For all the while they seem to say Oh, Limehouse kid Oh, oh, Limehouse kid Goin' the way That the rest of them"
  • Ku-Ui-Po - Benni Hemm Hemm
    "Ku-Ui-Po I Iove you more today more today than yesterday but I love you less today less than I will tomorrow See the sweet Hawaiian rose see it blossom see it grow that's the story of our love ever since"
  • Sent By Heaven - Zeno
    "Turn your face to heaven Close your eyes to see Catch a cloud and travel To where we're meant to be Did you live for loving Living your belief? Have you been the being That you were meant to be Time"
  • Every Flower - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Every flower's reachin' for the sun Every petal opens when the day has just begun Even in the city where they grow up through the street Every blossom needs the sunshine to makes it's life complete. Some"
  • Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet - Bonnie Owens
    "Death is an angel sent down from above sent for the buds of the flowers we love But every bud and each blossom some day Will bloom as a flower in the Master's bouquet Gathering flowers for the Master's"

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