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Free Sewx

  • Nothing's Free - Alice Cooper
    "You, me Understand Shake my hand Last chance, little man Ain't it grand It's a bargain, it's a steal 30 pieces of silver And a deal's a deal Sign upon the dotted line I'll be yours and you'll be mine Nothing's"
  • I'm free - The Rolling Stones
    "I'm free to do what I want any old time I'm free to do what I want any old time So love me, hold me, love me, hold me I'm free any old time to get what I want I'm free to sing my song though it gets out"
  • Stone Free - Supergrass
    "Every day of the week I'm in ..... But if I stay too long, people try to hold me down They talk about me like a dog Talk about the clothes I wear They don't realise, they're the ones who're square Yeah,"
  • Stay Free - Kingmaker
    "She'd like to live her life in a day-dream 'Cause there is no love on the dole Others feel the weight of history Bought before they're sold Why have all her friends become housewives Acting on remote"
  • Sailing Free - Olivia Lufkin
    "kaze wa mayoi mo naku tooku tooku mure wo hanare Ah fukinukete yuku me wo tojite kanjiru mita koto mo nai asu no keshiki utsushite taezu ni tsumuideta kokoro no chizu hiroge tadori tsuku nagare shinjite"
  • Free (Acoustic) - Florence & The Machine
    "Utwór 'Free (Acoustic)' z albumu 'Dance Fever' Florence & The Machine (premiera 13 maja 2022r.)"
  • Free Man - Sheryl Crow
    "I sold my house, I sold my car I took a job at Milly's bar I met a man who was running from the government Ah he wants to be a free man yeah Ah he wants to be a free man yeah He took me out to his campsite I"
  • I'm free - The Soup Dragons
    "Don't be afraid of your freedom Freedom I'm free To do what I want Any old time I said I'm free To do what I want Any old time I say Love me hold me Love me hold me 'Cause I'm free To do what I want Any"
  • Free & Easy - Rick Springfield
    "Afloat on the ocean, adrift in the sea Noone around us, there's just you and me Alone on an island, asleep on the shore Miles from everyone, I need nothing more And I'm feeling Free & Easy, and I'm feeling"
  • You're free - Templars
    "You're free to be a slave and work until the day you die you're free to do what they say and live your life like a fuckin' slave you're free to believe everything you've been taught since the day you were"

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