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  • Girl On Fire - INXS
    "I just landed Girl on fire I felt the heat From Sydney to London Well she shut my mouth With her repartee I opened her's With the rest of me Girl on fire Baby burn burn burn Girl on fire Baby burn burn"
  • We Are Thrown Together - INXS
    "I walk this mile Like anyone What could be found In this sweet damaged smile We are lost, we are found We are thrown together Would you take my hand Would you take my hand Let's go I walk this mile Like"
  • Shake The Tree - INXS
    "I'd love to take this lying down But the world we know has lost it's crown All night talking jazz cigarettes Is never gonna change this killer town I see her walking In perfect time She gives me reason To"
  • She Is Rising - INXS
    "Those pretty feet are stuck deep in the ground All all that junk keeps coming Must be the time to rearrange it all Another place another time has called She is rising above this world She is heading for"
  • Born to be wild - INXS
    "Get your motor runnin', head out on the highwayLookin' for adventure and whatever comes our wayYeah Darlin' go make it happen, take the world in a love embraceFire all of your guns at once and explode"
  • Dark of night - INXS
    "In the dark of nightThose small hoursUncertain and anxiousI need to call youRooms full of strangersSome call me friendI wish you were by my sideIn the dark of nightThose small hoursI drift away when I'm"
  • Deepest red - INXS
    "Judas kissKiss of betrayalI will not let it break meElationYou come my way come my wayOh baby oh babyI will not let it break meHere you comeMy heart breakingI'm in loveFor you and moreThis young manGot"
  • Good times - INXS
    "Good TimesEverybody shake,Everybody groove,Everybody shake,mmm mmm ohh ohh!Mary, Mary your on my mind,The folks are gone and the place'll be mine,Oh, Mary, Mary wanna be with you,And this is what I'm gonna"
  • Laying down the law - INXS
    "I'm laying down the lawShowdown in the northlandJust the whiff of corruptionIs the tip of the icebergSavor and sweet libertyAnd there's trouble from the southShouting from the galleryNow I find I've got"
  • One by one - INXS
    "And when your heart stops beating And the stars stop shining When all your tears go dry Honey one by one I will still be there I will sing your song And come to you All night long And is this all that"

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