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  • Business Suits And Combat Boots - The Agonist
    "Does history guide you, or do you set out to change it? Breach not broken Fuck your... Skinned- alive designer wear Fashion shades and salon hair Heels to help where nature failed Artificial teeth and"
  • The Librarian - Nine Horses
    "Keep you head down Keep you head down While they're firing low You're too young child To know the difference Oh my pretty Oh my sweet girl It's a marvelous place They put weights down In your coat tails"
  • Bleed season - Project 86
    "Trace the chalk and seize the day so Those old habits never pass away Commemerate the conception with The children's debt the retribution Deaf to self and mute to mind to find muddled wallowing nebulous"
  • Fair And Guiling Copesmate Death - Theatre of Tragedy
    ""Gaunt and gnarl'd Reflecteth the silver shield this welkin aghast, And with haste translateth to gild'd black post and fast." "Anon - anon, say I! - the lid aside, Crawl without this velvet-clad coffin"
  • Van Diemen's Land - Christy Moore
    "Me and three more went out one night into Squire Noble's park We were hoping we might catch some game the night been proven dark It being out sad misfortune they captured us with speed And brought us down"
  • Repent - Brick & Lace
    "And so I repent For the things that Ive done And things I am thinking Why does it feel wrong? And so I repent For the things that Ive done So Father forgive me Help me hold on And so I repent All mi Haffi"
  • Goodbye - Plankeye
    "it's difficult to say goodbye after only one life the rain will fall down replenishing all of our broken dreams and this burning tree that's withering will bloom again would you believe goodbye, goodbye walk"
  • Evilangelist - Extreme
    "Little lamb come out of the rain You'll catch your death in the cold A helping hand to come ease your pain In peace you'll rest in our fold I can be a watch towering light For all those who can't see I'll"
  • Fields Of The Fallen - Brave Saint Saturn
    "Its 9:15. Im climbing up into morning. Lungs are screaming for air. Enshrouded shapes are forming. I see his vacant stare. I heard him calling on the radio. First one this year. We couldnt reach him"
  • In Your Bed - Marc Almond
    "How good it must be In your bed Let me slip beneath the pile The sky tells me nothing worthwhile It will rain again it said And me so alone in my bed I think of people of my years Who take wives, husbands,"

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