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  • Air Stands Still - Pati Yang
    "Air stands still And I can't move Time has stopped At one look through Colours fade the walls out loud Something inside me says I am still waiting for the hurricane And where is the missing piece? You"
  • Regrets - Flop
    "I haven't got a car You haven't got an opinion I don't have no regrets, baby All the words that you'll say someday There were no whores in my bed, maybe (chorus) But now the leaves are convalescing The"
  • City Of Sleep - Great Northern
    "Fallen through Reach behind me See if you remember me Come with me to that place where We remember what to be Follow me To that place where When you're lost You finally see Keep in mind as you remember All"
  • Old Friends - Simon And Garfunkel
    "Old friends, Sat on their park bench Like bookends. A newspaper blown through the grass Falls on the 'round toes On the high shoes Of the old friends. Old friends. Winter companions, The old men Lost"
  • Ringmaster's word - ICP
    "I have a purpose...Take your little knife, stab me, go, strike my heart...(ha ha, ha ha...ha ha, ha ha )I have a purpose...Such things can't exist...I have a purpose...You will tell them of me and how"
  • Magic Transistor Radio - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Miscellaneous Magic Transistor Radio He sat up in his open window Looking quietly down at the path A firefly flew in his room and flew right out again Down jumped the prince And he went again"
  • For The Sake Of Revenge - Sonata Arctica
    "We have been stuck in here a day, seeking Answers for all eternity, or something Hear the meaning, speaking in me Have faith in me, have faith in me... I cannot say that I am fine And take all you say"
  • We're In This Together - Amy Diamond
    "Come to me, come quietly Make my words your own Honesty, be good to me Vanity, be gone In the dark (in the dark) Like a river through my heart You will be, I will see Til the wheels come off Til the"
  • Kristiana She Don't Know I Exist - Catch 22
    "Catch 22 Miscellaneous Kristiana She Don't Know I Exist not long ago in my high school days i watched a girl from so far away but everytime she passed me by i turned my head away and quietly sighed. and"
  • Not done yet - Superchic(k)
    "It's been one of those days for a lot of days now I need a day where the world can take care of itself This isn't what I wanted How I thought my life would turn out And I wonder if it's like this from"

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