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  • Hostile - Pantera
    "Almost every day I see the same face On broken picture tube It fits the attitude If you could see yourself You put you on a shelf Your verbal masturbate Promise to nauseate Today I'll play the part of"
  • Hot & Heavy - Pantera
    "You say that You want a piece of me Well baby Take a big bite Too much to believe That's what I like I've been known To blow my top Just to get my kix I might eat Your heart out Just to get my kix I've"
  • Nothin' On But The Radio - Pantera
    "She looks easy A real lady She knows what I need She's kinda easy She's everything you ever wanted in a girl I'm in love with the way she walks And I'm not the kinda guy who talks Late at night she gives"
  • Over & Out - Pantera
    "Slaveing for eternity Aiming for construction Wreckless crew abandon me Bringing on destruction Primal needs, annoying ways Incapacitation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A legacy of submankind Who seem to rule this nation Out"
  • Raining Blood - Pantera
    "A lifeless object, alive Awaiting reprisal Death will be their acquisition He sky is turning red Return to power draws near Fall into me, The sky's crimson tears Abolish the rules made of stone Pierced"
  • Sandblasted Skin (Reprise) - Pantera
    "Scrape it, grind it, peel it, hide it The trend is over and gone forever Shelf it, box it, save it, frame it You won't need that anymore, it's on sale at the dollar store Waste of time, pantomime,"
  • The Undeground In America - Pantera
    "Put in position to wage teenage mayhem A common affair for the ones who are juiced If it is weakness that grants us the power We thrive on what's stronger than most of the world Glass breaks/the dimming"
  • Five Minutes Alone - Pantera
    "i see you had your mind all made up you group of pitiful liars. before i woke to face the day, your master plan transpired. -something told me- this job had more to meet the eye. my song is not believed?"
  • Heresy (Live) - Pantera
    "Here we are In a world of corruption Human nature is Of violent Breed Who cares if there; s no tomorrow When I die for my future's Laid out for me Can't you see? Rise above the lies Morals on a backwards"
  • New Level - Pantera
    "Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise Forget the past Present tense works and lasts Got shit on Pissed on Spit on Stepped on Fucked with Pointed at by lesser men (Pre) New life in place of old life"

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