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Rickie Lee Jones - Sailor Song

  • Basketball Jones - Cheech & Chong
    "Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo Yes, I am the victim of a Basketball Jones Ever since I was a little baby, I always be dribblin' In fac', I was de"
  • Mercury Jones - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Just like Mercury Jones Styles change I stay the same Just like Mercury Jones Message fly Through the door And just like Mercury Jones Breathing all the evil to your mother's bones Now he's knocking at"
  • Willy Jones - Susan Raye
    "Met a boy named Willie Jones comes from the wrong side of town Daddy said he ain't no good don't want him hanging around Mama said that I'm too young to know what I feel But I know I love Willy Jones and"
  • Mr. Jones - Talking Heads
    "Mr. Jones Put a wiggle in your stride Loosen up I believe he'll be alright Changing clothes Now he's got ventilated slacks Bouncing off the walls Mr. Jones is back! Bulge out And wind your waist Tight"
  • Crackity Jones - The Pixies
    "Jose Jones told me alone his story he got friends like paco picopiedra la muneca he receives on his set crack crack crackity jones please forgive me jose jones you need these walls for your own i'm moving"
  • Sam Jones - Richard Thompson
    "Me name is Sam Jones and it's bones me occupation Chuck your old hocks out for my consideration Thirty years a bone man, up and down the nation Sam Jones deliver them bones I've been among the shamrock"
  • Sweetwater Jones - Barry Manilow
    "Sweetwater Jones Went riding out in to the country night he left his phone still ringing ringing by the t.v.'s light goodbye to you new york city goodbye to every thing it used to be you sure can could"
  • Nathan Jones - Bananarama
    "You packed your bags as I recall And you walked slowly down the hall You said you had to get away to ease your mind And all you needed was a just little of time Oh winter's passed, spring and fall You"
  • Mrs Jones - Helene Segara
    "Chre Mrs Jones Vous savez qu'il me manque et vous comprenez Mrs Jones, j'ai mis dans un coin pour l'oublier L'ide mme de l'aimer J'pensais que rien ne pourrait m'arriver Mais rien ne s'efface, Tout se"
  • Mrs Jones - Ocean Colour Scene
    "What are you gonna do today Mrs Jones Are you gonna chase the pain away Mrs Jones Or leave it sitting there waiting outside your door Hoping to find the things you hoped would tell you more About the"

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