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  • Around The World - Redhotchilliepeppers
    "All around the world We could make time Rompin' and a stompin' 'Cause I'm in my prime Born in the north And sworn to entertain ya 'Cause I'm down for The state of Pennsylvania I try not to whine"
  • N.O.T. (I Want My People Back) - Seven Nations
    "The deaf old Duke he came to town asking all the men around is there any here who'd fight for me? the Czar in Russia wants the Dardonelles c'mon boys, let's give 'em hell in defense of Queen and our country not"
  • Love Train - Gap Band
    "The O'Jays - Love Train People all over the world (everybody) Join hands (join) Start a love train, love train People all over the world (all the world, now) Join hands (love ride) Start a love train"
  • Hefner And Disney - Burnett T-Bone
    "Somewhere between Never Neverland and Wonderland In a land called Never Wonderland There lived a beautiful wealthy young divorcee With a checkered past and a bad memory Who should probably remain nameless And"
  • Its Allright - Various
    "In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be-- It scared me out of my wits-- A corpse falling to bits! Then I opened my eyes And the nightmare was...me!! I"
  • Blue Motel Room - Joni Mitchell
    "I've got a blue motel room With a blue bedspread I've got the blues inside and outside my head Will you still love me When I call you up when I'm down Here in Savannah it's pouring rain Palm trees in the"
  • Undercover Of The Night - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Hear the screams of Center 42 Loud enough to bust your brains out The opposition's tongue is cut in two Keep off the street 'cause you're in danger One hundred thousand disparus Lost"
  • Treno - Lucio Dalla
    "Era appena uscito fuori che sua madre gli diceva Quando arrivi almeno telefona poi in mezzo alla strada si voltato per vedere Ferrara e la sua casa mentre nevica tra un'ora sono l, prendo un treno e sono"
  • Scared - Tragically Hip
    "I can make you scared if I want me to I'm not prepared, but if I have to He said I can make you scared It's kinda what I do If you are prepared to Here is what I propose to do Your in Russia And more than"
  • 21 Men - An Cat Dubh
    "21 men are entering a ship to sail the sea They're waving me goodbye Nine of them from Britain, whiskey in their hands A shanty in their lips like a happy sigh No matter where you might go I will follow"

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