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Tante muda

  • Ce Matin La - Air
    ""I woke up this morning baby The blues was pouring out of me" Cent fois ces mots je les ai dits Ces mots que d'autres avaient ecrits De toute ma voix, de toute mon ame "With all the soul that I can" Le"
    "AC-DC Ballbreaker WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS Ballbreaker (1995) (Young, Young) I've been drinkin' all night long So long baby, I'm gone Bloody Mary give me shivers from a shot Set up the shooters it's time"
  • The Alder Trees - Alela Diane
    "I can hear the elders whispering in words so sweet and low The alder trees were listening to songs been sung before My friend and I collecting skeletons of leaves Making tiny piles, oh, and sifting through"
  • Sex, Death & Money - Alice Cooper
    "Sex, death Sex, death Sex, death When I go to the show All I see on the screen Is a stream of pure vulgarity I wrote down a note I complained for a day To the House of Representatives They laughed in my"
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip HOUSE OF JAZZ Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) Hum dinger Bell ringer Got a nasty sting, eh To slow you down Mud slinger Gold digger Who fought the finger Do you tell Digging"
  • Like William McKinley - Al Stewart
    "I got a letter; it came in the mail today I saw by the stamp it was written an ocean away No need to open it, I know what it must say i'll just go back to the dream I was having Before love went astray i'll"
  • 19~ since i was born - Aya Kamiki
    "Nagasarete tadoritsuita wake janai tamani miru yume wo baka mitai ni oikaketari Hodou de korondemo sono mama nekorondari muryoku ni ikiteru FURI enjite mitari Shinjiru mono wa sou... Zutto sagashiteta"
  • I'll Take Love Over Money - Aaron Tippin
    "Have I got the deal for you Would you like to have a T-bone steak and lobster Served on the finest china Accompanied by a bottle of the world's greatest wine Served in a crystal glass, alone Or, would"
  • Chrome - Adkins Trace
    "Adkins Trace Chrome Chrome Chrome, She can see herself In the shiny grill and the Wire wheels of a red Chevelle with four on the floor and the top down Chrome, zippin' by on an Electra Glide With dual"
  • 17 Shots - A.L.T.
    "17 shots in my clip I'm rolling through my hood muthafuckas don't trip Then I saw the Liquor Store where they shot lil' Joe, Hanging out the window, puffin' on some Indo. The owners on his knees and he's"

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