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always be back

  • Be not always - Michael Jackson
    "Always be not always And if always, How our heads in shame. Always, please be not always. And if always, How our heads in blame. Cause time has made promises, Just promises. Faces, did you see their faces?"
  • Always Be Together - Little Mix
    "Hm, yeah, yeah, hm Leigh-Anne: We are friends for life Hold that deep inside Let this be your drive To survive Jade: And just stand high and tall Make sure you give your all And if you ever fall Know"
  • Always Be There - Basement Jaxx
    "Feed me hungry, feed me cold When lines run deep and when I'm old (Doo-wap Doo-ba-doo-wap oh yeh) Will you be there for me? Will you always be there? Will you always be there? Fear of loneliness on a"
  • Always Will Be - Hammerfall
    "Our sun is set, our day is done I'm left here wondering Is this the end, my final words to you Day turned to night Now you're gone I'm left here pondering Can this be true, are we really through You were"
  • Always Be Mine - FT Island
    "hear you breathe your lying close to me the shadow's gone I enfold my peace (?) You make me calm with you I'm safe and warm Enlight by yourside are strength to the night till eternity that's the way it"
  • Always Be Me - Dierks Bentley
    "(Dierks Bentley) If lonesome was money I'd be set for life I'd be swimmin in riches instead of tears I've cried The blues would be worth a whole lot of green You'd never hear one complaint from me If"
  • Always Be There - Ducky Boys
    "You've had rough times and I've had some too While you've made mistakes, I could always learn from you You walked a path, I was close behind You'd set me right and you'd warn of what you'd find I wish"
  • Always Be Happy - Tyrese
    "Tyrese Darkchild We're gonna make you dance Chorus: If you're with me You can have what you want I'll do anything This way I will know for sure That you'll always be happy So just tell me What it is"
  • You Can Always Give Her Back To Me - Wynn Stewart
    "You've got a problem cause you now have my old used-to-be And she's hurt you the same old way that she hurt me But there's one consolation for your misery You can always give her back to me Oh it's not"
  • Love Will Always Bring You Back To Me - Dina Carroll
    "Feels like a lifetime away When I heard you say I love you And it doesn't feel quite the same Going through the day Without your loving arms to ease the pain I would surely go insane But I know we're gonna"

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