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  • Ties that bind - Pat Benatar
    "Anger shakes the house of cards Loving cup upon the bars We bend the truth to help us through the night Tempers thrown against the wall Shattered like an empty glass Nothin' can save us from our own selves"
  • Struggle - Nonpoint
    "Con Fuerza Boriqua Strugglin goin through the motions Day in day out Another commotion Backstabbed don't know how to stop A friend is only a dollar in a pocket Won't let you Chase the dream that"
  • Panic - Suicidal Tendencies
    "Dammit, dammit Love addict, love addict Panic, Panic I'm ready to blow-ow-ow-ow! Dammit, dammit Love addict, love addict Panic, Panic I'm ready to blow-ow-ow-ow! Panic on the street, I'll be laughing"
  • Until I Wake - Pink Cream 69
    "I know another wrong won't make it right I know another drink won't keep my senses clean Put a gun up to my head, might stop me for a while I know another shot could get me through the night But I feel"
  • Reunion - Indigo Girls
    "I had guards like watchdogs dogs in a manger i could feel the protection possession and anger and i drove out of there with no one behind me feeling funny and free all you pretty pretenders negligent vendors"
  • Psalm 145 - Shane Barnard
    "Great is the Lord So worthy of praise Great is the Lord One generation will Commend Your kingdom To one another They will speak of You And I will meditate On Your wonder And they, they will speak Of Your"
  • She - Abney Park
    "She has always watched over me She takes good care of me She is such an integral part of me That I forgot who I was And I forgot she was there For me We have traveled this world for years We have"
  • Love Is Fire - Parachute Club
    "It's a long dark day When we realize and understand That we've come so far Destiny lies close to home l will do what l can To keep my spirit safe and strong If I fall on the way Nothing ventured, nothing"
  • Low Life Vendetta - Hatesphere
    "Your ugly face keeps haunting my soul Won't wash away, won't leave this hell hole Like a parasite, not wanted here Why won't you disappear... The ride will end, and so will you Now found your smell, I"
  • Breaking All The Rules - Peter Frampton
    "We are the people one and all From deliverance to the fall From the battle and the heat To our triumph and defeat We are the young ones crying out Full of anger full of doubt And we're breaking all"

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