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  • Coffee In Bed - Maria
    "I thought you know mw well enough that you could tell That just one thing will do when I'm in this mood And what I'm craving is, you flavor on my lips So won't you fill me up, 'cause I've waited for this All"
  • Bed Of Rust - Two
    "I'm sleeping on a bed of rust And I am breathing hard... And I am breathing hard Some times I feel I'm made of glass And still I breathing hard... And still I breathing hard I'm weakened by this heavy"
  • Breakfast in bed - Nicole Scherzinger
    "You've been cryingYour face is a messCome in babyYou can wipe your tears on my dressShe's hurt you againI can tellOh, I know that look so wellDon't be shyWe have been here beforePull your shoes offLie"
  • By The Bed - Phantom Planet
    "Her eyes were closed when I caught her in bed Oh, she seemed much happier then I sat by her side and I couldn't help but cry I was here for a reason and I Finally understood and my oh my Could only ask"
  • Breakfast In Bed - Dntel
    "If you take a step, I will make you sure that you take the next If you tell a lie, I'll just nod my head, yeah, I'll let it slide Cause you woke me up, and there's birds outside, and I still feel drunk But"
  • Hospital Bed Crawl - The Hush Sound
    "In the backseat of a car, in the corner of a room, In the shadows where I hide from you Do the hospital bed crawl, do the terminal yell And the violently alone I feel Well hey, you're the only thing I"
  • Falling In Bed - Robbie Williams
    "I met her at an aftershow party I said have we met before? She said hardly She had a curry stain That was down her cardie But her teeth were clean So I said smartly I'm falling in love again I'm so in"
  • Early To Bed - morphine
    "(Sandman) Listen young people I'm 74 And I plan to live 60 or 70 more I've been all around I've done a few things And I spent a few nights on the floor oh Did everything wrong but I never got caught So"
  • Sleazy Bed Track - The Bluetones
    "I know its getting late. But if youd like to talk a little more. Well thats alright with me. Im feeling kinda tired. But it aint exactly beating down my door. Now just why could this be? And I know I shouldnt"
  • Bed Of Flies - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "all circumstance is sabotage that which does not kill us makes us stranger command chaotic brute force the stars in your eyes stolen reprogrammed another headless blunder with blood up its sleeves the"

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