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bialas street

  • Jubilee Street - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    "On Jubilee street there was a girl named Bee She had a history, but no past When they shut her down the Russians moved in Now I am to scared to even walk on past She used to say: All those good people"
  • Street Crab - Helmet
    "First I'll panic quick and listen To advice Agree to anything and try to be Too niceThen my skin flakes, another allergy I'm not making sense, just Ignore me Thirst I had at last Run the water "
  • Lonely Street - Patsy Cline
    "Where's this place called "Lonely Stree-ee-ee-eet?" I'm looking for that lonely street I've got a sad, sad tale to tell I need a place to go and weep Where's this place called "Lonely Stree-ee-ee-eet?" A"
  • Faithless Street - Ryan Adams
    "If angels are messengers from god, Please send one down to me If angels are messengers from god, I wrote a letter he should read Been living on faithless street all by myself Work your whole life"
  • Street Pay - Esoteric
    "(Main Flow) It's gon' be on I'ma splash y'all with this It's Main Flow, 7L & Esoteric Whattup Poppa Diesel Yo Watch my style bling, stay low it's a wild thing Be on your back like Shaq or Yao Ming A foul"
  • Street life - Beenie Man
    "Yo, sometimes you have to just be a man and apologize to your woman, ya star The amount of ting whe you put her through Rock this! When a girl cry cause of you Not one ting you can say or do Make any man"
  • Street-hunter - Cadaver
    "You've got two choices the right and wrong side of the wayYou've already chosen, so it's all the sameYou shot down the old man to demostrate your powerand shot down the young one 'cause you're a street-hunterOn"
  • The street - Sailor
    "There's a place in the street, where the rich people eat There's a snack bar further down the block There's a gambler's bar full of washed-out stars Who still believe they're lucky There's a theatre on"
  • Fascination Street - The Cure
    "Oh it's opening time Down on Fascination Street So let's cut the conversation And get out for a bit Because I feel it all fading and paling And I'm begging To drag you down with me To kick the last nail"
  • Lonely Street - Andy Williams
    "Words and Music by Carl Belew, Kenny Sowder, and W.S. Stevenson (peak Billboard position # 5 in 1959) Where's this place called "Lonely Stree-ee-ee-eet?" I'm looking for that lonely street I've"

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