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blank space taylort sfiw

  • Space Invaders - Pornophonique
    "ev'ry time i take a look at the people all around me they seem to be at least to me like the undead walk on earth and ev'ry step that i take and ev'ry movement that i make, i feel that i'm in danger i"
  • Advertising Space - Robbie Williams
    "There's no earthly way of knowing What was in your heart When it stopped going The whole world shook A storm was blowing through you Waiting for God to stop this And up to your neck in darkness Everyone"
  • Breathing Space - Opshop
    "I'm so sorry We were getting so tired And here I was off dreaming again One day we'd see the light before it caught fire One day we'd see the light before it caught fire (Chorus) Don't give me breathing"
  • Space Dementia - Muse
    "Height is the one for me It gives me all I need And helps me co-excist with the chill You make me sick because I adore you so I love all the dirty tricks And twisted games you play on me Space dementia"
  • Space cowboy - 'N Sync
    "(JC)Here it comesMillenniaAnd everybody's talkin' aboutJerusalemIs this the beginningOr beginning of the endWell I've got other thoughts my friendsSee I've got my eyes on the skiesThe heavenly bodies of"
  • Outer Space - Ace Frehley
    "You said you wanted my love To be your party your gain But when I came from above I looked around but you turned away And now you are scratching and crawling Your way up from the grave You should"
  • Space Travel - Yellowcard
    "I heard a voice last night It said wake up and open your eyes Wake up, walk out tonight She don't care if you're dead or alive She moves like beams of light Straight through this universe in my head Where"
  • Syver-Space - Hellbillies
    "No gr visst renta ned p ln i Landbruksbanken. Det str i Nasjon' det!Han Syver sit og les. No fyra'n upp i pipa si, so ble ryken driv. Fri for alt som truga,han herre i eigji hus. Ingenting fell i grus. Han"
  • Enough Space - Foo Fighters
    "I was waiting for something maybe flying machines that's when I found Lily the best I'd ever seen put her on the ceiling try to maker he my own people line up to see but there never seems to be enough"
  • Space Angels - Admiral Twin
    "In fact You're sorry that You ever had to go But you won't go back You know and It's sad It's all you had You never had to give it away Countdown Your wings have ground One leg at a time And still flapping"

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