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delirium blagam wroc

  • Mourning Grief - Airged L'amh
    "Facing the nightmare in me dreams of emptiness Dark clouds spit fire and ice all across the land Tide of forgotten times in nameless shape arise as I had fallen into shadow Gazing these purple skies I"
  • Flesh To Destroy - Blood Red Throne
    "A murderer resurfaced My tantrum unbound The killing is inevitable Blood craze delirium With tools of might Escalated screaming Nightmare in sight I approach you with a sharpened blade Slice 'n dice Throat"
  • Amazing Journey (Soundtrack Version) - The Who
    "Now he is deaf Now he is dumb Now he is blind The guilty are safe But always accused by his empty eyes Nothing to say, nothing to hear, and nothing to see Each sensation makes a note In his symphony Sickness"
  • Certain Days - Rage
    "When I remember what happened that lead me right here what made me lonely and forced me to disappear. There were periods in my life that came from my darkest depths, beyond the edge like a delirium I couldn't"
  • Excess - Vision Of Disorder
    "Something's stuck inside my head You know I never really heard of a thing called time Cause excess has made me reckless I don't give a fuck about your dawn cause yeah Some day I will lay here as your children"
  • Wintermoon Rapture - Solstice
    "cleanse my wounds in winter moon desire this endless quest for sanctuary pure as formless levithans swim avernian seas crystal citadels call me in my dreams desolate epochs, the statues they weep through"
  • Crushed - Collide
    "In your revelation In the symphony There you stood In your own delirium And all your satellites are fragmented I feel a little crushed and out of control And all your gravity, it`s meant to bring you"
  • Heat Of The Night - Diamond Head
    "Steely eyes of a silvery people Walk behind me, with evil intent. Up to the tower, I stand alone Stripped of rank before a throne I am sent. What befalls us in the heat of the night? What befalls us in"
  • Serpent Angel - Moonspell
    "Father Satan send the Serpent Poison me with your tongue Envolve me in a darkness shell Grant me all the powers of hell Lucy Feris... bringer of light Serpent God... Septentrion rise! Unholy I felt, delirium"
  • Grund Zum Feiern - Otto Waalkes
    "Faber Krnung, Deinhard Lila, Grappa, Calvados, Tequila, Asbach Uralt, Sptburgunder, Wermuth und Pernod. Williams-Birne, DeJardin, Hennessy, Remi Martin, Fernet-Branka, Underberg, Portwein und Bordeaux."

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