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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Robyn Hitchcock Falling leaves
    "It's not the wind that blows me in, I've been blown away once before. It's not the rain that brings the pain, I don't feel pain anymore. If I had seen it coming, Then I'd have done something, But hear"
  • David Gray Falling Free
    "All of my senses overthrown By the might of your skin And the lamplight on your cheek bone Drawing me further in No sentence I can speak For the wonder so unique Breaking like a wave upon the shore Mercy"
  • Queensryche Falling Behind
    "(DeGarmo/Tate) We are all equal but we're individually different and able to reach the impossible if we try. We find faith and strength in the most unlikely places and love sometimes eludes us, but we"
  • Queen Adreena Falling behind
    "We are all equal but we're individually differentAnd able to reach the impossible if we try.We find faith and strength in the most unlikely placesAnd love sometimes eludes us, but we try.We keep searching"
  • Chris Squire Silently Falling
    "Silently falling down, Bringing hope of future to the children. Fills the air with a magic sound. Giving light to sight that cannot see, Hopefully, hopefully Don't believe in miracles, I do believe in"
  • Chagani Umair Falling Again
    "But, I keep seeing her face Girl, I don't want to lose In love's Imaginary race I keep telling' myself Don't wanna love her again But, I keep falling for some reason It's so hard to be a man (chorus) It's"
  • Halo Friendlies Falling Away
    "I'll be one and you'll be two I'll be three and you'll be four I'll give you five but you'll want more Cuz every single day you just take a little more You got what you wanted but now you're leaving You"
  • 40 Below Summer Falling down
    "It's gonna bite today (right) to open a can of pain (wrong)Sun scorched and blistering (run) - do you know that it's all (gone)Kiss my eyes shut to bash it in - it's just another paymentTo how we live,"
  • Missing Hours Falling Down
    "Now she'll be sitting in her room It always seems like it's late night there Oh, you'll never be enough To bring her back in daylight yeah... We got a little bitty problem here, And i won't tell her where"
  • Silverstein Falling Down
    "Cut through the skin with knives of words I'm still bleeding out questions of nerve What will it take to sort this out? It's still lodging it's blade in my heart Silence hurts more than the worst sound Now"

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