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madison beer dead

  • Dead - Velvet Acid Christ
    "twisted up inside, knotted to the core learned to abhor, the twisted faces staring back at me, latching on to me holding on to me, you never let go. rich was the earth, that filled rivers with blood, blood"
  • Dead - Mr. Lil One
    "(Mr. Lil One) Jack 'The Ripper', strippin mothaf**kas for their egos Peace to all the bald heads, mobbn in their regals Need no mothaf**ka to be tellin me I'm sick! I feel it everyday with every f**kin"
  • Dead - Sprung Monkey
    "open up your eyes and try to see now because it's a long dark road you turned to go down but you just wanted to try to taste a small piece of the high well was it everything you expected there it is"
  • Dead - Real Friends
    "Spit in my face, tell me I didn't mean what I said I'll take those words with me when I'm dead Open your mouth and contradict everything you said last summer I don't even know you anymore, anymore You"
  • Dead - Place Of Skulls
    "Please don't say he smiled alot Now they've layed me to rest A wretched heart and a mind to match Finally peace in my death. However morbid it may sound This world held nothing for me By the grave and"
  • Dead - Igrekzet
    "wyautowani tańczący na grani odbici od fasad tu już ciągle tak samo że odejmowanie nam zaczyna działać na plus galera zmierza na dno jedynie szczury przeciągają bal mile widziany niemile widziany jak"
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales - D.O.A.
    "hey joe, remember that geek back in '83. yeah, i know that stiff, i'll see him in hell. he was in d.o.a., that's what they say. but he was never the same after the accident. it was kind of messy, he bled"
  • Waste Love (feat. Madison Love) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Woke up and you wasn't next to me this mornin' Saw a yellow cab drive you down the street on Broadway Wish I could erase the mistakes that I made, I'm sorry Wanted me to chase you inside, but the house"
  • More Beer (live 1986) - Fear
    "More beer, more beer All I want is more beer More beer, more beer All I want is more beer, more beer When I get home from work and I'm dyin' of thirst All I want is more beer I run into the kitchen and"
  • Titties And Beer 2 - Rodney Carrington
    "Titties and beer (titties and beer) Titties and beer (titties and beer) I thank god almighty for titties and beer (big titties and beer) Huntin' two legged deer (titties and beer) Thank god I ain't queer ("

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