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Teksty piosenek (1957)

model tokhing

  • Ten Commandments - New Model Army
    "Down comes Moses with the Ten Commandments Hewn on a tablet, just the bitterest pill Breaks up the party in the valley below Says obey my orders and you're doing God's will And disciples of Jesus, lost"
  • Deadeye - New Model Army
    "To the thoughts of the many from the minds of the few Voice of reason, censored view The truth is the News and the News is the truth As if that'll do as a lame excuse for Killing the slavers, taking the"
  • Prison - New Model Army
    "The curtain breathes, the air swims The sweat dries cold on the shivering skin The sheets they twist and turn again, round and round My mother she feeds and cares for me Shackled to responsibility All"
  • Curse - New Model Army
    "Another foggy night in hometown Cruising the backstreet pubs with a friend or two I guess we were laughing how we made it through the bad old days When across the bar I caught a glimpse of you Sometimes"
  • Ghost Of Your Father - New Model Army
    "It took fourteen hours to hitch from London to Portsmouth I can picture you in your battered old coat Blown by the trucks on the side of the road Cursing the world just until one pulls over The cab is"
  • Modern Times - New Model Army
    "It seems strange to write about these things now but the time has probably come when we should accept whatever is past and gone and never will return. Looking back to the beginning I see a flood of painful"
  • Drummy B (Billy McCann Version) - New Model Army
    "The bonfires blazed across the city, the smoke swirling into the sky We were standing shoulder to shoulder, Billy McCann and I Our faces ruddy and burning as we stared into the flames But I know now the"
  • Water - New Model Army
    "You win the arguments you have You want so badly to be right But they just drift away And you're left there with nothing in your hands While we tumble from the mountains where we were born, Born of sky"
  • Prayer Flags - New Model Army
    "I met a Moko man from the other side The room began to capsize as he was telling me his tales And all my beliefs and best belongings were flying useless through the air And when they all were lost - then"
  • Carlisle Road - New Model Army
    "Pushing up on Carlisle Road into the seething shadows Through the plastic visor " a hail of broken kerbstone Fire-lit-faces, all the noise " so much hatred What I remember thinking " I can't believe this"

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