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  • No Parts Of Us - Benzino
    "F**k you bitch-ass niggas you know what I'm saying Straight like that from the bottom of my heart Aiyyo, you know what I'm saying, yeah Man this is silly I ain't got nothing but slugs for you bitch-ass"
  • Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement - Aereogramme
    "Don't you know where I've been? I have climbed every mountain Don't you know what I've seen? The Earth, the sky and the Moon Above, and inbetween, I'll shine like I should've In a way, without hate, I"
  • Absolution (Pre-Mastered Version) - Lunarin
    "Forces Pinnacle Centers Around you You said Shut your mouth Words cant unbound you Will you pay the ransom? Will you pay the ransom? Draw me to your shadow And down by the woods we'll And down by"
  • Telegram (Parts 1-3) - Nazareth
    "(PART 1: ON YOUR WAY) Sent a telegram today Tomorrow you'll be on your way Could be Memphis or L.A. No questions just get out and play. Wake up call to catch the plane You know you're on the road again Someone's"
  • Hollow Man (Parts 1 & 2) - Kula Shaker
    "I can only speak the word as quickly as quickly as they come Looking down upon the bed suspended by a silver thread I'm dreaming From the feeling I had to be sure When you know that you've felt this before"
  • Lucid Dreams (Pre-Album Version) - Franz Ferdinand
    "Sweet slides on my stereo shortwave ride my rodeo He came from a Salomon, but I'm going to Istanbul So why don't you meet me there? There is no nation of you there is no nation of me Our only nation"
  • Pleasure Parts One And Two - Rachel Wedeward
    "Chorus: hello (hello) it's a pleasure meeting you seeing you it's been nice meeting you now I gotta go (bye) Bridge: ever since the day I saw your face I can't get you eraseed out of my head the way you"
  • Edit The Sad Parts - Modest Mouse
    "Sometimes all I really want to feel is love Sometimes I'm angry that I feel so angry Sometimes my feelings get in the way Of what I really feel I needed to say If you stand in a circle Then you'll"
  • Life In Three Parts - Highwater Rising
    "She could climb from her window over to my house we would hide up in my room where shed feel safe for awhile keep the windows open for the blue skies shed say even if it rained she kept hers wide"
  • Wwvii Parts 1 And 2 - Sum 41
    "The year is 3468 And they're about to eliminate Life as we all know it on Planet Earth They're products of a new regime With manufactured designer genes Scientifically enhanced at birth Superior"

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