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  • As Sudden Tears Fall - An Pierl
    "An Pierl Miscellaneous As Sudden Tears Fall Sometimes I think you're a wealthy man In your head The way you deal with regrets But once in a while Now and then Even you Get upset In trance Listening to"
  • Is It Soup Yet - Macabre
    "Welcome to Charley Gein's Spon Ranch East Daniel's cooking supper, his girlfriend is the feast Is it soup yet? Made from a head I think Daniel's cooking the dead Is it soup yet? Made from the dead Daniel"
  • Niezły falafel (prod. Werk) - MoraL
    "Mądry nie polewa na linijkę A jak nie możesz odkręcić, to upierd* szyjkę Tak jest, nie spuszczaj głowy Wlewaj do mordy, a nie rób oczu sowy Nie ma zgody na takie zachowania Od całej ekipy, ten przepity"
  • The Ballad Of The Architect Angel - Bruce Springsteen
    "The architect angel held <? > juda ranch. Just a dirty mile down on the borderline. Where he mastered blastin' and hustled young cattle for slaughter And dated juda's daughter. From the cellar aways"
  • L'auberge Du Bouleau Blanc - Mc Solaar
    "(MC Solaar / Eric K-Roz - Alain J) Un cheval voit le jour dans un ranch du Colorado Je l'ai vu dans des songes, attendri j'tais un ado Au pays de Billy le Kid et de Pat Garret natre Au fond d'une table"
  • Gaudi - James
    "God's dead, this state is torture. Find me shade and bring me water. Holding on. I'm thirsty for your sage. Back at the ranch I just got slaughtered. Too many shoulds, too many orders. Better come out,"
  • Gun Control - Dri
    "Automatic weapons were meant for the war But here they are right outside your front door Gangs and thieves are armed to the hilt Ready to kill without the guilt Gun control We need gun control [2] A"
  • Seashell Tale - Bright Eyes
    "Let's go place some money on the order of the horses Break the ribbon of that famous finish line And we'll gather up our stash babe Find a little ranch babe And buy a lonely little pony to ride Well"
  • Bottom Line - David Lee Roth
    "Talk about meanwhile Back at the ranch The ugly duckings Learn to dance Sppirits risin Mihgt be more... Gonna blow this whole town Out the back door Gibe 'em hell tonight Go west young man? Aww rite!! We'll"
  • I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen - Robbie Williams
    "6I wouldn't be so alone if they knew my name in every home Kevin Spacey would call on the phone But I'd be too busy Come back to the old five and dime Cameron Diaz give me a sign I'd make you smile all"

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