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the white tie affair

  • Have An Affair - Dean Strickland
    "She talks about she wants an affair And I don't give enough warm love and care I don't hold her hand when we walk down the street I don't make enough romantic public scenes That's what she wants for"
  • This Love Affair - Gloria Gaynor
    "This Love Affair Gloria Gaynor (Gloria Gaynor / Connie Johnson, Jr. / Al Stewart) (Check it out, check it out, this love affair) (Check"
  • Strong Love Affair - Charles Ray
    "(William "Billy" Osborne) As I sit around, watchin' the rain come down It puts me in the mood It reminds me of, the first time I met you, girl And I hear the rain on the windowpane And it brings back memories Of"
  • Reckless Love Affair - Wanda Jackson
    "Now we're the victims of a reckless love affair We met by chance we were both feeling blue I belong to him she belongs to you We knew it was wrong but we didn't care Now we're the victims of a reckless"
  • Our Love Affair - Frank Sinatra
    "Our love affair will be such fun, We'll be the envy of everyone, The famous lovers, we'll make them forget, >From Adam and Eve, to Scarlett and Rhett. When you have had its merry fling, We'll spend our"
  • Strange Love Affair - Walter Egan
    "by Earl Shackleford Strange love affair, wouldn't you say baby We pretend we don't care and start talking crazy I say something you say something and it gets so confused Maybe you think you're being used"
  • Interstate Love Affair - Night Ranger
    "Let's go Head out on the highway Where there's room to move I'm a fast boy in a bad car I got it all I've got nothing to lose Interstate love affair (x4) Run with our passions We'll race with our eyes Can't"
  • Back Street Affair - Hank Thompson
    "BACK STREET AFFAIR (Billy Wallace - Jimmy Rule) '52 Forrest Hills Music You didn't know I wasn't free when you fell in love with me And with all your young heart you learned to care It brought you"
  • This Love Affair - Rufus Wainwright
    "I don't know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm saying I don't know why I'm watching all these white people dancing I don't know where I'm going But I do know that I'm walking Where? I don't know Just"
  • My Last Affair - Billie Holiday
    "H. johnson Can't you see What love and romance have done to me I'm not the same as I used to be This is my last affair Tragedy just seems to be the end of me My happiness is misery This is my last affair Right"

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