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  • Thoughts of the old tower - Mortiis
    "Here standeth I.Mighty and unbreakable.My shadow is the darkness, of this land.All folk fear me...My windows are few...Shining with the power, of uncountable ages...Within me happen all...Magic spells"
  • Down (Nasty Little Thoughts Version) - Stroke 9
    "Frozen fingers on my skin Guilty hands clutching gin Your tin, thin eyes can't see within Soul to soul and skin to skin we burn And the silence won't subside As I crawl to your scaly side Your eyes could"
  • Thoughts On A Liberal Education - Say Anything
    "i've been waiting for years for this to end but now you're gone and i don't know where i am put my head in the books i burned for you they'll revive me, that's what they'll do i'll silence you with sex"
  • Thoughts on a rainy afternoon - Bruce Cockburn
    "Rain rings trash can bells and what do you know my alley becomes a cathedral eyes can be archways to enter or leave by vacuum's replaced by a crystal o Jesus don't let Toronto take my song away it's easy"
  • Government Cartoons (Entertain Your Thoughts) - Propagandhi
    "when fred and barney rubble (please kill me) indoctrinate me in my own home and try to tell me that mr. slate's got it rough on his corporate throne, "yeah, mr. slate, boys, has bigger problems than we've"
  • Thoughts of a dying atheist - Muse
    "Eerie whisperstrapped beneath my pillowwon't let me seeyour memoriesI know you're in this roomI'm sure I heard you sighfloating in-betweenwhere our worlds collideIt scares the hell out of meand the end"
  • Dying thoughts of an atheist - Muse
    "In your whispers trapped beneath my pillow you won't let me see your memories and I know you're in this room I'm sure I heard you sigh frozen in between where our worlds collide scares the hell out of"
  • Look What Thoughts Done To Me - Carl Smith
    "I thought I knew everything I thought you'd wear my weddin' ring But now I see our love can't be look what thoughts done to me I thought I could run around and still be the one to wear the crown But I'm"
  • I must not think bad thoughts - X
    "XX facts we hate: we'll never meet. walking down XXX road. Everybody yelling "hurry up!" "hurry up!" But i'm waiting for you, I must go slow. I must ont think bad thoughts. When is this world coming"
  • Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her - Son Of A Plumber
    "Hurry yea! Got somethin to do that must get done Hurry yea! Im about to move into the sun Ive been standin in the shade of a shadow I feel like drownin in wonderful thoughts about her And its alright"

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