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zdrowy styl życia

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zdrowy styl życia
  • Obsession Indecent Gentleman Style
    "GENTLEMAN STYLE Soft and white,like virgin snow She's calmly watching my desire grow The moon is full,wearing a dirty smile. And I cover her body gentleman style. Her fragile cobweb surrounds my heart There's"
  • Robert Palmer Style Kills
    "I see you got yourself a brand new bag You had enough of the imitation drag Although you're leaping to the latest thing You can't ignore the suspicion of a hallow ring Big bills Cheap thrills Style"
  • The Black Eyed Peas My Style
    "(Timbaland:) Lord have mercy... hey! (Intro: BEP & Justin Timberlake:) (Timbaland) Lord have mercy (Timbo) Lord have mercy (Black Eyed Peas) Lord have mercy (JT) Lord have mercy (Get stealing that!) Lord"
  • Sammy Kershaw Cadillac Style
    "Well, I ain't Burt Reynolds and I ain't Tom Selleck; I got bills up the pike and my car's an old relic. I get Chevrolet pay but I've got a big smile 'Cause my little Baby loves me Cadillac style! Well,"
  • Jeanette No style
    "There was this fine guy walkin' up to me tellin' me about the car he's driving It was just braggin' that ain't hard to see To me he seemed a bit meretricious I just refuse to pick up a guy like you Shut"
  • Ann Beretta My Style
    "Left my baby standing, Left her all alone, Left her standing in the middle of the night Right down by the liqour store And that's alright Maybe it's just my style, Left her standing in the middle of the"
  • Kylie Minogue Cowboy Style
    "Shed my skin since you came in Where do you end and I begin? Awoke my senses yet you stopped time You took me to a deeper high The essence of my hopes and fears Creation of my muddled dreams Cowboy style"
  • Black Eyed Peas My Style
    "(feat. Justin Timberlake) Lord, have mercy [7x] I know that you like my style [2x] We came here to turn you out Everybody in the place get wild I know that you like my style [2x] We 'bout to drop it"
  • Cledus T. Judd Cadirac Style
    "Parody of Cadillac Style by Sammy Kershaw (M. Peterson), Ray Stevens Music (BMI). New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd, Billy Lawson, and Mike Curtis, La-Po Music (BMI)/Sony ATV/Cross Keys Music (ASCAP)/Michael"
  • Pachanga Hispano Style
    "INTRO Ya, Hispano Style Pachanga Todos juntos los latinos VERSE 1 We came from Puerto Rico Girls they love papasitos Tu ya sabes mi estilo Que pasa nena, I like your Style you look tide Nights of Gold,"

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