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Cheryll blossom

  • Baby - Pea Sized
    "Take me, make me, empty inside. Hold me tight, I'm too weak, baby. Only wanna lose control, Melt with you. For a moment in time let me forget my distrust. Kill the demons, make them weep. Clean"
  • Oh, Lady Be Good ! - George Gershwin
    "Listen to my tale of woe, It's terribly sad, but true. All dressed up, no place to go, Each ev'ning I'm awfully blue I know I'm a winsome miss / I must win some handsome guy Can't go on like this, I could"
  • I Found The F - Broadcast
    "I found the fragrance separate from the flower In all the logic I was lost I found the fair light blossom to be sour And beneath the soil the real cost You can to me carelessly I am iris and the lense"
  • April In Paris - Frank Sinatra
    "Writer(s): Harburg/Duke I never knew the charm of spring I never met it face to face I never new my heart could sing I never missed a warm embrace Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom Holiday tables"
  • Leaves' frottage - Rain Delay
    "Leaves fall again, carrying remembrance of a lost season,of summertime, when leaving was easy...Back then, when my orchard was in bloom,I had a time of my life.Those times when we walked together made"
  • Skylark - Linda Ronstadt
    "SkylarkHave you anything to say to meWon't you tell me where my love can beIs there a meadow in the mistWhere someone's waiting to be kissedOh skylarkHave you seen a valley green with springWhere my heart"
  • F.I.A.T. (Finding Improved Alien Technology) - T3chnophob1a
    "Urban feedblack on the empire New mind destroyer 4 A.M. the velcro sky Food for paranoia Hear the hymns of beton queens Ashen scent of chemistry Clay on industrial soil Smoke-stacks, upwards spoils Decrepitude"
  • Library Pictures - Arctic Monkeys
    "Library pictures of the quickening canoe The first of its kind to get to the moon Trust some ellipses to chase you round the room Through curly straws and metaphors and goo! Been watching all the neon"
  • Never Let It Go - Afro-Dite
    "Come never stop come on girls shakin, shakin', Blossom (+ Kayo dubb): Surounded by sharp looking eyes dancing in a fever forgetting all the words of advise moving in and closer what a life we have what"
  • The feeling of finishing - Veggie Tales
    "SCALLIONThe feeling of finishing,ALLhiya; SCALLIONIs a blossom that blooms in my heartAs I merrily dance and I sing,ALLhiya; SCALLIONI welcome the hope that it brings,ALLhiya; SCALLIONOf finishing things"

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