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Davi Bowie

  • Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
    "Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Wierd and Gilly, The Spiders from Mars. He played it left hand, but made it too far, Became the special man, then we were Ziggy's Band. Ziggy really sang, screwed"
  • Suffragette City - David Bowie
    "Hey man, oh leave me alone you know Hey man, oh Henry, get off the phone, I gotta Hey man, I gotta straighten my face This mellow thighed chick Just put my spine out of place Hey man, my schooldays insane Hey"
  • This Is Halloween French - David Bowie
    "Voulez-vous voir un monde trange O l'on aime les dmons et pas les anges ? Suivez-nous, venez visiter Notre magnifique cit. Voici Halloween, voici Halloween, Les citrouilles vont mourir de trouille ! C'est"
  • This Is Not America - David Bowie
    "This is not America, sha la la la la A little piece of you The little peace in me Will die For this is not America Blossom fails to bloom This season Promise not to stare Too long For this is not the"
  • Thursday's Chil - David Bowie
    "All of my life I've tried so hard Doing my best with what I had Nothing much happened all the same Something about me stood apart A whisper of hope that seemed to fail Maybe I'm born right out of my time"
  • I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft - David Bowie
    "I took a trip on a gemini spacecraft And I thought about you I passed through the shadow of Jupiter And I thought about you I shot my spacegun And boy, I really felt blue Two or three flying saucers"
  • A Better Future - David Bowie
    "Please don't tear this world asunder Please take back this fear we're under I demand a better future Or I might just stop wanting you I might just stop wanting you Please make sure we get tomorrow All"
  • Heathen - David Bowie
    "Steel on the skyline Sky made of glass Made for a real world All things must pass Oo-o Waiting for something Looking for someone Is there no reason? Have I stared too long? Oo-o Oo-o You say you'll"
  • And I Say To Myself - David Bowie
    "And I say to myself I've got it wrong, wrong, wrong She is a play-girl She the wrong wrong girl for me And I say to myself You're a fool, fool, fool She doesn't love you She doesn't need you, this I know She's"
  • We Prick You - David Bowie
    "White boys falling on the fires of night (I wish you'd tell, I wish you'd tell) Flesh punks burning in their glue Revolution comes in the strangest way (I wish you'd tell, I wish you'd tell) I'd rather"

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