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Kuban Cossacks Choir

  • Prelude To Extinction - Sonic Syndicate
    "The artfiact within my grasp Liberator of your mind Left behind from the past A relic of doom Terror of the soul, sleeper awake Rebreed into power, a mind crime beyond belief Nephilims hear my cries Return"
  • My Special Prayer - Percy Sledge
    "While the choir sang, Ave Maria Oh I was singing with all my heart And I sent a special prayer, up to heaven That youll return to me before I fall apart While the choir sang, hallelujah Whoa I was singing"
  • Stomp - Kirk Franklin
    "(Spoken) For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far You think we've gotten to radical with our message Well I got news for ya' You ain't heard nothin yet And if ya' don't know, now ya' know Glory"
  • C'est la vie - just a pipe dream - Andrzej Zaucha
    "C'est la vieThis is the Paris you wanted to seeC'est la vieWhat a pipe dreamC'est la vieThat's where exactly you wanted to be.C'est la vieTicket to ride to recycle your dreamsC'est la vieSo elusiveC'est"
  • Balm In Gilead - Karen Clark-Sheard
    "Verse 1 There is a balm in Gilead There is a balm in Gilead There is a balm in Gilead There is a balm in Gilead (choir) There is a balm in Gilead There is a balm in Gilead There is a balm in Gilead"
  • The image of you ( Eurovision 2004 ) - Anjeza Shahini
    "How strange the feeling in your soul When love invades your very being Another me or so Im told And life takes on another meaning. Day after day, I go through the motions, Stumbling my way, life is a blur Slave"
  • Under Fire - Halifax
    "Call me a doctor of defense, or maybe I'm a fix (baby I'm a mess) And I know since you'll forget, call me baby call me crazy yea yea yea Take these pills everyday to kill your apathy for living Yea for"
  • Look To Yourself - Enrico Garzilli
    "Abelard Look to yourself The truth is within you The truth is around you Look to yourself Trust in yourself Let no power frighten you Let reason enlighten you Look to yourself Lotulfe, William, Alberic Heresy,"
  • Breathe and stop - The Game
    "Feat - Fat JoeHelp, Help, Help, Help (Yeah)Help (It's the Profit, It's the profit)Help (East coast, West coast)Help (Cook, cook, cook - Crack)HelpHelp (Latino Market)Help (You know we got that shit on"
  • Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
    "''Instrumental'' ==Breast Milky== ''Instrumental'' ==Mother Fore== ''Instrumental with vocalizations provided by the choir.'' ==Funky Dung== ''Instrumental with vocalizations provided"

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