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  • Anatomy Of A Scene - Burden Of A Day
    "As the they stand in ruins of cities the children play in ashes knee deep in our neglect our bags in overhead compartments so secure we walk with the world underneath our feet inside these cocoons"
  • Birth Of A Mile - Anatomy Of A Ghost
    "Never found our way out again cause to trace this blood trail is more than I can bear this is my spring I finally fixed the car floored out of here Ill found out who my friends are the ones waiting tomorrow"
  • A Letra "A" - Nando Reis
    "A letra A do seu nome Abre essa porta e entra Na mesma casa onde eu moro Na mesa que me alimenta A telha esquenta e cobre Quando de noite ela deita A gente pensa que escolhe Se a gente no sabe inventa A"
  • O a a - Perfect
    "Wątpliwości we mnie rodzi Myśl, że pary trzeba tworzyć A jak ktoś nie bardzo chce Podejrzany z miejsca jest Podejrzany o skłonności Wbrew biologii i ludzkości A o ile dobrze wiem Mniejszość w pary"
  • Living In A Box (Reprise) - Living In A Box
    "Woke up this morning Closed in on all sides Nothing doing I feel resistance As I open my eyes Someone's fooling I've found a way to break Through this cellophane line Cause I know what's going"
  • A War in Your bedroom - A Change Of Pace
    "It's a war in your bedroom baby I'd cut off my tongue for just a taste Of a piece of your flesh my darling I've got no time to hesitate The bathroom's fogging up with our heartbeats Sweat from me I watch"
  • We Woke Up A Fire - A Faith Called Chaos
    "We awake and face a new day for nothing. As bitter as the rope around our necks we hang. Lofty from the high of last year's tired clich, A cheap after glow we'll keep close to further fan the flames."
  • The Palpitations Form a Limit - Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez
    "Might I crave a crawling imposter head held for miles to come simply slice a prayer to answer as the daylight lets me run of all the schemes that you've conducted this one makes it safe erasing"
  • Just a bit of chaos - System Of A Down
    "Hey rockers I wanna see all the club jumpin up, sit down so let me see just a bit of chaos, just a bit of chaosIf you wanna come inIf you wanna showIf you wanna playShould I stay or should I goGet the"
  • How to rape a country - A Change Of Pace
    "The beat of war reigns onCan you hear the sound of marching drums?Bullets fill the skyMen kill to show their nation's prideThe smell of death and bloodHold memories of your loved ones close,Find hope in"

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