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  • Forgive Nothing - A Faith Called Chaos
    "Somewhere there is a spouse Sitting on the window pane She sings, salt and sea bring him home to me" Where are you my love? And when the time runs out Thirty years from now Who will be the one left"
  • Bills Corpse - Captain Beefheart
    "Quietly the rain played down on last of the ashes Quietly the light played down on her lashes She smiled 'n twisted she smiled 'n twisted Hideously looking back at what once was beautiful Playing naturally"
  • Low-Life - Strangelove
    "So I bought another day And sitting cold I watched it quietly slip away I don't believe another day They go so slow they go so quickly in another way But it don't matter anymore Cause nothing thrills me"
  • Talvi-Illan Tarina - Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus
    "kuivuuttaan sulaa saviset jt huutaen ratkeavat hauraat suonet kun talvella jalkojeni alla valuu yh vain lmpimmp vett tumma taivas keskell piv sinne nousevat aurinko ja kuu sokeitten silmieni alla hiljaa"
  • Fighting In The Streets - Cockney Rejects
    "You're walking along quietly There's the sound of running feet You turn around the corner There's fighting on the street See all the kids they wanna good time They all wanna get stuck in Don't know, don't"
  • All Play Dead - Nevermore
    "I know she can hear me still. I know she can feel me. The velvet sleep has stilled her, for they are feeding, while time is ever shifting You are the wine of intoxicating faith You are the axis of time,"
  • Suna No Oshiro - Kanon Wakeshima
    "a world of darkness. a world of silence. {{Translation||Japanese}} ==Romaji== Sotto nagareru shiroi Kawaita kumo ga tooru Hai iro no watashi wa Tada jitto kiete iku no Miteta Hoshi wo"
  • Side Of Blue - Anthea
    "I improvise And provide a break from normality Another day to celebrate intimate things Oh but it was just a dream As real as it seems So quietly yeah I didn't hear a thing And instantly I knew The side"
  • Dear Valentine - Guster
    "As I fall asleep, to black and white TV Fly far away, in my recurring dream Each winter drains electricity There are words to say There are songs to sing But I can hardly speak at all Home, I'm on my"
  • Just Like We Do - Eisley
    "Dear did you know that people love each other Just like we do, just like they do? Dear did you know you're all I ask for? So hold on to me, hold on with me here And there're things that follow us quietly"

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